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New works and plans - 2021. Finished a full book.

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New works and plans - 2021. Finished a full book.

Hello all. Happy belated Holidays! 2021 has come. And now its time for continuation of work.
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To begin with, I would like to say that I managed to finish the work with book "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness". It was quite long. The writing process was difficult and exhausting. But I did it. However, this does not mean the end of the work. On the contrary, I still have a lot to do with translation. So as they say, everything is still ahead.
The book belongs to the category of fantasy. It will be published shortly. We are talking about the oldest period in the history of mankind, 20,000 years BC. According to the chronology of my setting, in those days there was a human primordial civilization, powerful and serious, with the capabilities of space flight. In the main role - a special agent of the witchcraft "special forces" sent to the planet Zabergan to suppress the uprising. But over time, he discovers that the uprising is just the beginning, and everything he sees is part of the plan of a demonic villain who has long dreamed of enslaving the universe.
link of the map pack

In addition to the book, I created another pack of maps for the wonderful Warcraft III game. Perhaps he is even better than all my previous work in this area. The package reflects slightly the events of the book "Revenge of Tyrants".
I have shown in sufficient detail the locations and planets that are in my universe. You can fight in the vastness of a dozen worlds.
Most of the maps are dedicated to the battle mode. That is, they are available only for skirmish. But there is also one mission, to activate which you will need to select certain factions at the start. Read the instructions in detail.It is still January. And I have a lot to do.
I also work in parallel in the journal and have recently been doing research on ancient cultures. So let's hope that everything goes on as well.

I wish you all success. If you have any questions, please contact and write.

Best wishes Alexander K.Krokhmal

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