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Game realizations of my fantasy universe. Information.

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Hello all. Its again me, A.Krokhmal.
Now want to tell you about the realizations of my fantasy\sci-fi universe in the game engines.
If you wanna see the information about my universe, click here and you can find the 1st my blog post.

Now lets go!

I. Warcraft III realization

Implementation on the Warcraft engine includes many map packs and mini-campaigns. As a rule, the main actions are dedicated to the year 2596, when the Acheron War began in the Galaxy, a global confrontation between two super-alliances.
Some maps represent various planets from my universe. Others show historical battles. Let's say I am given the opportunity to play a large-scale battle from different eras of my setting. You can even take part in the Flawless War, which was 20,000 BC.
Maps are all made with love and soul. They reflect what I write about in books and chronologies. Fantasy level 100%.

Link is here

II. CnC Zero Hour realization

Implementation on the Zero Hour engine is also noteworthy. This is one of the first serious implementations of the setting. It is a package of minor campaigns for this old but cool game. The main action takes place in 2596. But there are missions about the history of the Earth Alliance. For example, on the engine of this game there has long been a whole campaign dedicated to the rise of the Earth Alliance and its further way to conquest. Basically, you have to fight not with aliens, but with the same humans as Earth inhabitans. Missions are rife with complexity and stressful situations.

Link is here

III. Rome TW Barbarian Invasion realization

Implementation on the Barbarian Invasion engine will be simpler than what you saw. Here the action takes place on planet Earth in legendary times. The Throne of Pendragon modification campaign is dedicated to the struggle of King Arthur against the rebellious lords and with the main enemy - Mordred. This is my version of the myths of the great king. The mod is very simple, but complex in terms of gameplay.

Link is here