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King Athelstan

The Football Rant - Things are looking up?

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Alright chums, how are you all doing this fine morning?

Anyways, let's get to it, eh?

The season is well underway, and we are now approaching Matchweek 13. So how is West Ham doing, you ask? Last season was a roller-coaster from one end to the next, where we barely avoided relegation. So it is of course only natural that we now sit sixth, only a couple of points off the top.

Wait, what??

You heard me - We are bloody massive! it turns out that David Moyessiah has done a splendid job after he got in, after getting out. The teams fitness levels seem higher, he's got us playing in a formation that actually suits us; Neither of our Left Backs can defend very well, so what's the obvious solution? Play both! So we now play in a 5-4-1 where the Left Center Back is one of the Left Backs, and he truly has recovered his form. The players say that they've never been happier, the individual quality and fitness has gone up, and the spirits are high. Sure, we'll probably lose our best player in the next transfer window or two, but right now things are good. Right now, one can be happy and just revel in the glory. We are bloody massive!

After the restart last season it seemed like we had undergone some kind of transformation, and got point after point, with one of our players being one of the top scorers after the restart. Although we'e dropped the most points from winning positions out of everyone by a good margin this season and the last, one could see that a new page was turned. We could now compete a bit more, and fight back. Before we'd crumble like your grandmothers well, crumble, but now we could fight back. The 3-2 win over Chelsea that sealed our spot in the PL is the perfect example of this - We went 1-0 up, they equalized. We went 2-1 up, they equalized, and we started collapsing. But then, in the 89th minute: Boom.

The season started very shakily. In the first game we were battered by Newcastle, a team with an owner worse than ours! Which says a lot, if you've ready any of my previous rants here. Then a narrow defeat to Arsenal, in a game we really should have won. However, bar a defeat to Manchester United and narrow one to last years title-winners Liverpool there's only been fantastic results! Especially one game against the current LEAGUE TOPPERS Tottenham: They were 3-0 up after 16 minutes, and we only got a goal in the 84th minute. And the 89th. And with the last kick of the game. Goal of the season, has to be.

Here's a link comparing the matches played last season to this one's - the improvement is staggering. Which has made me afraid to write here, as I've probably jinxed it and we won't win for the rest of the season now. Although going through the most difficult exam period both in terms of the subjects and mentally due to the whole pandemic thingy might also have played a part. But hey, our great fun while it lasted. So for once I'm actually confident before a game. While the word confident is hyperbole, I'm not nearly as stressed as I was last season.

Also, if you have the time, check out West Ham Clips on twitter - there's some seriously good commentary/recaps/highlights on our matches that are great to watch, even if you don't actually support West Ham

Tonight we play Crystal Palace, a team we should be able to beat. So a narrow 0-1 loss to a dodgy defensive error in the 2nd minute incoming, I suppose.


  1. Flinn's Avatar
    Damn, I can't really stand football this year, I haven't followed it at all

    I just tired to watch a couple of Champions' matches (Barcelona-Juventus for one) but man without the public it was like watching local football.. no wait it was even worse, at the least when you watch a match locally you hear old people swearing in dialect

    Anyways, go Hammers, GO!
  2. King Athelstan's Avatar
    Hahaha, aye, it's very different. There were crowds for one game in London (2000), and now they're gone again. When I watch I try to watch without the fake crowd noise though! You get the hear the players curse and yell, which makes for a wholly different experience that is somewhat enjoyable at least!