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History of my fantasy universe. Krokhmals Writers Blog 1

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Good day all.

At first, want to name myself. My name is A.K.Krokhmal. Official proffession - is writer. Working with this job since the young ages. (i`m 27 now, and gray hair is already flashing)

I started to write in the age of my childhood. I have 2 published books and many stories in russian journals (or internet-communities). First my book "Legend of the Moon Landscape" was dedicated to my grandfather, hero of Russia, proffessor A.Rodnikov. He was my first teacher in my writings and a very big man for me. As for me - i am still writing and doing my work for his memory. Now my literature program - to show his work to the world community, because my grandfather deserved it. Also i have a full sci-fi universe, and you may not only see it, but play it too.

My universe exists since the beginning of my schooldays. I created it in 2008 or even earlier. For now, of course, my universe is more different then in my school times. In 2018 year i decided to completely rework my fantasy world and deleted all nonsence things. And now my universe have more consequential elements and haven`t got conflicts with logics and other universe factors. In 2020 i again reworked it and now, i have, what i have. To be honest, my universe had minimum 3 reworks. 3 reworks and improvements because of better quality.

Nowadays, i am writing full drama (dramaturgy play-style work) about the Achaeronian War period event, the most big galaxy war in the whole universe. To write in play-style
In the TWcenter Wiki you may read some information about it.
(thanks to TWcenter stuff for accepting it)

Also you can find the information in the Creative Writing section of this forum.


In total, my universe has 70,000 years of history. There are many ancient civilizations, many extinct races that left behind certain artifacts. There is a whole story in chronological order. There is also the same enemy, which appears in a certain cycle and begins to destroy all life in the galaxy.
The main events are dedicated to the year 2596 AD. I published information about this on the Wiki TV Center. But I can tell you again, more briefly. The bottom line is that there is no such thing in my universe that there is, say, in HALO, Battlestar Galaxy or in similar settings. In spirit, it rather resembles everything Mass Effect or Star Trek. That is, the emphasis is not on the war between people and aliens, but on the struggle of galactic alliances. People are just part of one of the alliances.
In this case, we see the brutal struggle of the powerful Coalition of the Galaxy with the Acheronian League. People and their states are members of the Coalition. In the League there are mainly representatives of other civilizations. The conflict arose due to the fact that the Coalition is led by the ancient race of Elfurr, elf-like creatures with the highest technology in the universe. They are at the forefront and essentially control every state in the galaxy. Many races are tired of being subdued by Elfurr, as Elfurr are very arrogant in their opinion.
We can say that the cause of the Acheron War was another conflict, called the Draconian War. The Reptilian Draconid race came into conflict with Elfurr in 2592. It all happened because of the tyrannical military junta's rise to power in the Draconian Empire. Elfurr, instead of stopping the war with all his might and eliminating the enemy government, began to organize genocide. Many civilizations have witnessed Elfurr's ruthless massacre of peaceful draconians. After the junta in the Draconian Empire was destroyed, the war ended. But the distrust of other races towards Elfurr only grew.
In 2593, several interstellar empires withdrew from the Coalition of the Galaxy. They left the Coalition, believing it to be a puppet structure called Elfurr. A little later, on the planet Acheron Prime, the Great Consistory was convened, a gathering of races that did not obey Elfurr. This is how the Acheronian League was created. Soon in 2595, revolts broke out across the galaxy against the Coalition. The uprisings were supported by the League. The great Acheronian War began, engulfing not only the main galaxy, but also two others. This is one of the largest conflicts in the history of the universe. The main goal of the League is to end the despotism of Elfurr in the galaxy forever.
Although some believe that all these events are only part of the plan of a powerful ancient force, which at one time destroyed millions of worlds. And that the conflict between Elfurr and the League could be compromised.

Thanks for reading this, friends.

Best regards Alex

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