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The Dude's thoughts - Live your life!

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It's not about "achievement", it's not about "dreams", it really is about filling your day till it's over and new one will start, about putting one feet in front of the other and keep going.

I'm not the first here that writes about the risks of apathy and procrastination (Commodus, now Imperator Majora, posted about apathy and King Athelstan about procrastination).. I commented on both those blogs, so anyone who read them probably has an hint already of what my views about life are, still I want to talk about how I think that life should be lived...

Well, as the title say, all that you have to do is to "live it"! In practice that means: do stuff, keep yourself busy.
Time is the only thing that each of us has, in the same quantity for each of us.. that really makes us equal (together with the fact that sooner or later our time will run out), so I do believe that filling your day with stuff is the way to properly spend your life... it doesn't really matter what you do, but DO. Both things you like and things you think are good for the people around you and for the society you live in.. even things that you might not like (like that job you are doing but that you hate) have an immense value towards filling your day; fact is, I personally think that sitting there doing nothing is the best (or worst) way to waste your life.

I'll make an example: a dude I know well (he's a relative, but I can't call him a friend honestly) spent all his life so far trying to always do the less possible: i.e. he never got a driving licence, not because he doesn't like to drive (he was addicted to motorbikes for instance) but because having a driving license and a car means that he had to take the responsibility for the vehicle, for the insurance etc (actually, as long as he could have a motorbike without a plate and insurance/driving license he had it, then he simply dropped it in the garage) ... that's a kind of behavior that I consider idiotic: that you have to renounce to one of your passions because you can't cope with having to respect certain rules, it's stupid, nothing more to say. However, I simply hate when I see people literally not living because they prefer a diminished life than having to commit on something.

You all know that I'm a true dudeist, people like me by definition shouldn't be overly concerned about anything, but I'm not, that's really my point here.. I do things because I want to do them and because they fill my day, but I don't mind if any or all of them won't go the way I believed they could: I'm an export manager, a Town councilor, a winemaker, an admin here at TWC, a father and a husband, a wild camper and many other small things that all together give sense to my life. I do all these things because I like to do them, or because I'm intrigued by a new experience, or just because in that very moment something is needed and no one else could do that.
I try not do give priority to anything in particular and to dedicate to each of them a bit of time every time I could.. sure some stuff gets the priority (family and work for instance always have a big share every day) and more than often you cannot do what you planned or hoped to do, but it doesn't matter.. this is where my dudeist soul kicks in.. for instance last year the red wine (see my last blog of the Life of the winemaker series) came out as a bad product, but I just took that easy and said to my self "it doesn't matter, it's something new you learnt, dude, and anyways it was still worth your time).

It's my deepest conviction that the purpose of life is to improve ourselves and to grow as a person, this in order to better understand the world around us (and thus also better enjoying it) and to possibly leave something good and improved behind us.. and the only way of doing that is to gather experience, which you can only achieve by actually doing things, that is

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