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The Dude's thoughts - Premonitions

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Let's make it clear from the beginning, I'm not talking at all about the "Nostradamus kind of" stuff, I mean those kind of premonitions that pretend to tell you the future of a nation or of the whole humankind.. honestly, I consider those to just be BS, that is.. at the least one can say that a lot of faith is needed to believe in that kind of stuff, which is something I don't have in any case .. and premonitions should kick in before the event actually takes place and no the other way around, no? .

However, the kind of stuff I'm referring to is the one that is related to ourselves and our own personal sphere, so to say.. I've always been convinced that there's a force, something that exists above our direct perception and far away from our clear understanding, that influences our lives in ways that is difficult to understand (and even imagine, sometimes). I'm not the kind of guy that does proselytism, I actually don't give a crap if one believes in God (no matter how they call it), Karma, Mother Earth, Cthulhu or simply in fresh air, this is not my point here to prove that something exists, I do believe that and that's enough for me... it well might be a natural, quantum force that we have yet to discover, for what matters.. I've written about the "quantum mind" in my latest Helios article, some months ago (just scroll down to the bottom of the article if you don't want to read it all .

So what I'm talking about, precisely? Let me ask you a question: did you ever have the feeling that something was coming, before (sometimes very long before) it actually came? Well, that's the kind of stuff I'm referring to. Mind you, I'm strictly sticking to the personal sphere (as I hinted above) even though the event affecting that sphere might be global: I'll make an example now related to the situation created by the Covid pandemic.
When I started to work on the export business some 15 years ago I was not very happy (because it's a stressful and tiring life) and for the first 5 years I was really uncertain if to keep with that life or not.. then at November 2009 I had to remake my passport (it just expired) and when I was thinking about not doing it all and changing job, I got struck by the thinking that my travelling life could have "ended" somehow at the next expiration of the passport (10 years)... that thinking never fully left my mind, and imagine what? my last trip aboard was November 2019, just few days before my passport expired.. December is a month we don't usually travel for business, then in January Covid was already a thing and we did not go anywhere since then.. me and my boss took the chance to think about our job and how to better do it, maximizing the results without wasting resources (both company's money and actual resources like fuel, cars, etc) and we considered that we should be changing our approach to how we run this business.. meaning that traveling abroad won't be anymore that important and that we could do much with just using the modern technologies, limiting the travels to only one or two per year (for exhibitions, basically)... now please do tell me that that's just a coincidence, eh

Such "premonitions" can be both positive or negative, I'll make you another 2 examples, related to my grandparents' last days: when my maternal grandfather broke his leg at the age of 86 nobody expected him to lose his mind because of the consequences of that, but he actually did.. I remember that the same day he had the accident, during night I was reading some book and I was using my favorite bookmark which depicted a full human figure and it was made in plastic.. as I was putting the book on the bedside table and thinking of my grandfather, it fell from my hands and the bookmark decapitated .. I immediately though "Bad omen, let's hope he's not going to lose his mind".
The other one is even creepier.. I was reading Gibson (Spooky Country, IIRC) and he was telling about an old rich man who could not find a cure for a very rare form of blood tumor.. as I was reading this I had an unexplained shiver along my spine and thought of my other (still living) grandfather.. the morning after my dad called me and imagine what he told me.. that during night they had to admit my grandfather because he was suddenly ill and that after the first exams, it was evident that he happened to have a very rare form of blood cancer..

Anyways, I could be doing tens of similar examples, but I guess you got my point by now.. there are actually events, facts, that one way or another you expect to happen.. it's not really that this knowledge will help you in any way, as usually there isn't anything you can do about, other than just being aware that they are coming, and certainly they are not consistent nor continuous (or possible one isn't always so much "aware" to notice the signals, so to say).. for instance I did not have any premonition about my father's illness (brain tumor), though I have to say I always expected him to become ill one of those days as he was definitely too stressed.

Not much to add honestly, I'm sure someone will consider this BS as it is, I don't mind honestly, nor I want to convince anyone that such premonitions, if they actually are so, serve at anything else than just "make you aware", but I can't deny that I have had plenty during my life, and that's a fact, at the least for me.
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  1. Flinn's Avatar
    lol I forgot to mention one thing, that sometimes you really "don't see it coming".. it happens, probably, as much as the other way around