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King Athelstan

The Rant - Procrastination

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So. I have heaps of things to do. An exam on Friday I've barely studied for, things I should write elsewhere, things I should do elsewhere. So what do I do instead? I'm writing a blog. Why? I don't know, but I have a theory.

I am a master when it comes to procrastination. I can wait and wait for hours with doing something, and then finish it right before the deadline. I don't think I've delivered an assignment more than an hour before the deadline in years now. While it seems pretentious, it's not meant that way. It's highly unhealthy and is sure to bite me in the ass in the long run, but thing is - it hasn't, so far. And if it works, why change it? That's my main issue with doing stuff. Why do it now when I can do it later? It leads me down a path where I keep pushing things forward, and making me a lot more unproductive than I should, could and would be. I don't know if it's the whole Covid-situation with family home in particular that's causing the big mental block these days, but it certainly doesn't help.

5 more minutes. That's what I keep saying. Or - I'll start working on it at four, but then it's five past four and I've missed the mark to go, so I have to wait for the next hour. The most efficient way would be to just sit down and do it, whatever it is that needs to be done. I know I can do well when I first commit and work for a long period of time until it's done, but it's the first step that is the hardest. I'm sure many can relate to this and feel the same way. I don't want to do it right now, I've got time, I can do it later. These are things we all say to ourselves all the time, but deep down I know it's not true, just as you know the lies you tell yourself are lies too. I've got that important exam on Friday, yet here I am. What do you have to do? Take a step back and think on what you should do. Is it studying for an exam? Cleaning the house? Mowing the lawn?

Writing this is meant as a wake-up call for me. When I hit post I'll close all tabs, stand up, and then get things done. By publicly stating it here, I hope to actually start working on it. Open that book, write those notes, look over that lecture again. Clean that fridge. Just writing this makes me more determined that I'll get it done, and I hope the same goes for you, dear reader. I'm sure there's a thousand things you should be doing rather than reading a silly blog post and as such, I say to you: When you're done, comment what you're supposed to do rather than read here. Then, go do it, and comment back when you've done it. Prove to yourself that you can commit, I believe in you. I'll do the same. For the greater good.

After I finish watching this Youtube video, of course


  1. Dismounted Feudal Knight's Avatar
    I'mma have to file a cease&desist for your exposure of my patented project handling procedure.
  2. King Athelstan's Avatar
    Please do so, anything to keep me occupied
  3. Flinn's Avatar
    There's a thing about procrastinating.. age will either cure you, or will turn you into a even worse procrastinator

    It really depends on what life has to submit to you.. as for me I was a huge procrastinator when I was at the Uni and before I started to work.. then when you got to respect deadlines that will make you starve if you won't, things might change.. I say might because not everybody considers the chance to die of starvation to be worse than actually having to do something... so even if most of the people will learn the lesson and move on, someone will really prefer to "fail" than to actually have to commit.. in other words, you don't have to worry much right now, the time will finish and you'll have to turn that page one day.. or not.. either case, just it and let's go bowling, Dude.
    Updated May 04, 2020 at 10:02 AM by Flinn
  4. z3n's Avatar
    I feel attacked!

    In a way proctasinating is unhealthy but also healthy. Sometimes it can matter for your mental health, giving you a reason to procrastinate but other times it is detrimental. Most often it seems detrimental. :P
  5. makanyane's Avatar
    When you're done, comment what you're supposed to do rather than read here. Then, go do it, and comment back when you've done it.
    This is obviously not going to work, if I wanted to stop procrastinating I wouldn't be reading this in the first place!

    I'm actually slightly better at not procrastinating than I was in the past. I tend to procrastinate more if the 'thing' is important! So previously I'd be worse on > college degree exam/submission deadlines > work deadlines > self employed tax returns... Now I'm not doing anything 'important' I'm not so bad!
  6. Jadli's Avatar
    Well, yesterday I wanted to do something useful for humanity, but after reading this I ended up doing absolutely nothing:laughter:
  7. King Athelstan's Avatar
    See! That's what this is all about!