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The Blogging Hub - Everything you need to know about Blogs at TWC!

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Welcome to the TWC Blogging Hub! Here you can find all the basic info about Blogging at TWC, as well as links to more detailed threads, the Wiki page and the single pages of our bloggers.

Let's start from the beginning then, there are two places where you can blog at TWC: one is this very area you are lurking right now, which is called the CMS (Content Management System), that also houses Articles from the different TWC publications, the other one is the TWC Member Blogs subforum.

Why choosing one over the other? Well the subforum is somewhat the "old" place where TWC members have been posting their blogs for long, and while that subforum is still active and usable, basically every blogger has now moved to the CMS Blogs, which is where we are right now.
CMS blogs offer a better visibility and easier access for everyone to lurk them (they even have a spotlight section on the Main Forum page), plus a generally better organized structure (i.e. bloggers have their own page(s), rather than threads) and some other perks like a dedicated award and a vivid community.

If you want to become a CMS Blogger, the place to start is the CMS Blogging Thread, where you can find all the necessary info about how to join the Blogging group, together with the Rules and a bit of background story on why and when the CMS Blogs has been opened to membership.
Furthermore, if you have any question or suggestion, doubt or what's not about CMS blogs, please use that thread for communicating.

- to become a CMS Blogger one needs to be a registered full member at the TWC fora;
- they have to apply for the CMS Blogger group as explained in the CMS Blogging thread;
- comments on CMS Blogs are reserved to those who are part of the CMS Blogger group, so even if you just love to read Blogs and leave a comment without planning to having your own blog, you still need to apply for the CMS Blogger group.

Here below you can find the list of all the actual CMS Bloggers, sorted by alphabetical order; just click on any name to be redirected to their page.
In the same list you can see if they have been awarded with a CMS Blogger medal and/or if they have their own spotlight at the TWC Blogs page in the Wiki (just click on the green link below, after the Bloggers list, and you'll be redirected to the correct Wiki page).

Flinn - Gold Award - Wiki
General Brewster - Bronze Award - Wiki
Gigantus - Bronze Award - Wiki
GrnEyedDvl -Bronze Award
Halie Satanus
Hitai de Bodemloze
King Athelstan - Bronze Award
PikeStance - Bronze Award
Shankbot de Bodemloze
Swaeft - Bronze Award
TheDarkKnight - Bronze Award
The Wise Coffin - Fahnat
Van Zandt-Nicholas Rush-Gaius Baltar - Silver award

TWC Blogs on the Wiki

Any CMS blogger who's interested can have a description of their blogs/blog series at the Blogs Wiki page. All that they have to do is to PM me or post about in the CMS Blogging Thread and one Administrator or Wiki staffer will take care of driving them through the process.

Notice: comments are deactivated, since they will be used exclusively to highlight and register modifications to this page or to communicate important changes/news with regards to CMS Blogs.

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