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General Brewster

"I'm fine, just busy"

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I think this is a phrase that we all, one way or another hear aplenty. Looking at my own situation, my friends would all say it, my parents will say it and frankly, I caught myself doing it a lot as well. Caught I must underline. I have always been one to judge other people when they said it. I would often think on how their days are going and how they waste the time that they have on needless things. Then I noticed that when I donít want to tell people how or what I feel Iíll just say Iím busy, but with what? I started wondered.

There are 24 hours in a day. I sleep around four to six depending on my mood. Then I spend eight hours at work and around two hours on traveling from and to work. That leaves 8 or 10 hours in which I am somewhat free. That is a pretty decent amount of free time per day Iíd argue. Now Iím the first to say live and let live. If you want to watch television, sleep more, read or game. I just wonder if anyone is truly so busy as they often claim to be. Of course thereís the obvious exceptions but hey, these were my two cents.


  1. makanyane's Avatar
    I'll sometimes use being busy as an excuse, or let people assume I'm busier than I am, but what it often really means is that I've settled into a routine I can cope with and don't want to risk messing up my equilibrium by trying to introduce 'x' new thing, that someone else thinks is a good idea... I do know I generally need a fair amount of being quiet (and not dealing with too many people) time, which may be spent with TV / reading / games etc.
  2. General Brewster's Avatar
    I very much agree Mak, I need "me time" as well!
  3. Dismounted Feudal Knight's Avatar
    I pretty much busy myself perpetually with several hobbies, several game interests (total war is one of the oldest, but hardly the only) and a considerable amount of writing per day through roleplaying. Push comes to shove I could indeed eliminate those things to reclaim time. There's a lot of validity in what's being said, but for my case, I do feel that when I say I'm busy, I am indeed busy, and it's pure laziness that I branch off into random search forays like this at all.
  4. Flinn's Avatar
    Well as someone who's an Export Director, a Town Councilor, a Winemaker and a Hexer (not to count a husband and a father ) I can say that yes, I'm a busy dude... though this does not mean that I don't have "me time".. the concept of being busy is very relative, the problem comes when one got stressed by the many commitments.. the golden rule is "not too much, not too less", one can be busy as much as they like, but the important remains to be able to dedicate the right amount of time to ALL our important, daily, activities.