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The art of Blog

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Do you guys ever look at the bleeping pixels your screen produce as that tine black stripe goes on and off and on and off while you've selected the text field but haven't typed yet? I'm rather interested in how you guys blog. I have to admit, I had some work stored to blog but eventually made new material. I blog the easiest when I'm wind down, which admittedly doesn't happen a lot anymore lately.

So how do you do it? Whats your trick to get writing?
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  1. Flinn's Avatar
    Well I'm rather new on blogging, but all in all it's not so different, to me at the least, than posting in the PH&A; you post about yourself usually, you post about your impressions, ideas and bla bla, so I find it easy to post when I have something to say

    I'm not a "blogger" de facto, in the sense that I don't like to "tell a story" if there isn't anything interesting about it.. I suppose it's also about the mood: in this period, due to my sentimental struggles, I'm in dire need of distracting myself, and writing about the other "sides" of my life helps me immensely to focus on other things and to remind myself who I am.