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The Dude goes into politics! - The road to the Elections!

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PART 1 - Introduction

And here we are again I've already introduced you on what was the situation before of the campaign and how it ended, so no surprises on that side, still I think it would be interesting, if not funny, to learn about details and "peculiarities" of people's insanity.

Let's start again from the pre-campaign situation, then: as I said people were well warmed up already, in particular those belonging to the "other side" were eager to jump into the fight.. no really no, they weren't the funny part about this is that they had like 5 years to prepare and to avoid the same mistakes they did last time (is to say, put forward someone who was not credible just because they had to present a list), but they simply didn't do that.. no programs, no ideas, no projects, just the mere will to try to fight using misinformation, defamation and other similar funny methods.. needless to say that their plan failed in embryo, the first ones who refused to support them being those they called in as their replacements (sons, daughters and other younger relatives).. Oh if I laughed, really, while listening to the those reports.. well to be honest some of us where worried, because they couldn't simply believe they were failing so badly and so they feared they were setting up some Machiavellian plan to deceive us.. I told them to not to credit our foes of being smarter than us, but well I think that after all I was the only one really convinced that we could go to elections alone (with only one list presented, I mean).

The days go on, 2 weeks before the presentation of the lists, I started to be approached, in a very mild and "unconcerned" way, from people I know that was clearly siding with the other group.. some of those dudes are actually friends of mine, so you can imagine I was not soft with them (I'm not soft in general, guess with someone I know well), but of course I didn't land the killing blow so to say, I was diplomatic at first, looking for them to lay their cards on the table, but every day more (I was pestered by them for about 40 days, up to 5 days before the elections, then they disappeared and eventually one of their "leaders" asked to talk to me the very day before the elections) I dug into the stupidity of what they did and they had to admit their mistakes in front of me (because I could have been one of those they could have built a project around, had they started 2 or 3 years ago). This was a big success on the personal base, because biased and ashamed as they were, they were desperately trying to blame someone else for their mistakes and failure.. so you can imagine the way they tried to approach me in the beginning... I'll tell you about some of the craziest and funniest things that happened:

- the day they first approached me (it was a very good friend of mine, quite older than me as he is 55 but a very juvenile man, who I consider like an elder brother) it was a big farce.. like "hey man, I'm so sad, I heard today about you being listed with the other guys, I'm so deluded, we always considered you one of us.. we were considering you as one of our list, even without the need to ask you!".. oh man IF I LAUGHED, I did laugh so loud and so hard that he turned red and moved to go away (we were at a bar, the most popular in the area), but I hold him and told "look dude, considering what you have just said, you really have to be ashamed.. we are friend like since when I was 15 or so and you think you can play with me like that? You come to tell me 15 days before the presentation of the lists that I was supposed to be with you?? Man, if not only for the lack of respect of a similar idiocy I should be angry with you, but I'm not, though you cannot deny that this was ridiculous" .. and so in the following days I spoke with him mostly and I'm sure I convinced him that they made a lot of mistakes and that by trying to blame others for their mistakes, they were going to destroy the little of credibility they still had... actually I founded my whole campaign on this concept (at least when talking to people from the "other side") and I'm sure I did manage to win myself quite a lot of votes and support because of this strategy, but well the winners are always right, aren't they?

- the very day we presented our list and no one else showed up, I met at the bar one of the "leaders" of the other side.. he was very much pleased with himself that day (I'm rather sure they were convinced they could have people to not to go to vote, in order to prevent us from getting to the quorum.. I'm sure that this was their plan since the beginning) and pretty much arrogant.. he was saying things like "hey now you have to offer people a lot of drinks if you want them to come to vote for you!" and other similar nice jokes.. however, I offered him a drink and committed to come to have a chat with him in few days.. which I actually did after one week or so, though things were different already because it was quite clear by then that we could have good chances to get enough people to go to vote, no matter what they would do.
So I approached him and he was immediately reluctant to talk to me, he clearly told me that he didn't have anything to say to me because he and his family wouldn't be going to vote at all.. you can guess my expression when he was telling me that, and my ironic face actually provoked a sudden reaction on him, who than started to mumble that "nothing would be changing in any case" or that "there's no hope for a change" and bla bla.. he also started to tell me that we should be doing this or that.. I let him talk for few minutes, then I told him "ok sir, I got your points about what we should be doing, then I'm ready to present and support your ideas, because some of them are really worth a try".. but his response was hypocritical like all his precedent monologue, or "No! I will not vote, because things won't change in any case!".. so I couldn't resist and I told him "Look, so you are telling me that you, that were in politics for 35 years, didn't have the will to fight for the battles you deem right and that me, who really am a rookie here, should be fighting them, then when I'm telling you that I'm ready to do that, you tell me you won't support me in any case??" once again I laughed hard and he couldn't reply.. but the day of the elections they went to vote in any case, though they possibly just nullified their votes, who knows?

- the funniest case actually was that a girl I know well (ok she is a woman now, we aged in the meanwhile ) came to me to "talk in a friendly way", because she heard about the fact that I was going to present myself in a list and she was curious to know which were my ideas and such... I don't think I need to explain you which kind of relation I had with her back in the time and why she was actually sent to talk to me, but I can swear you it was damned funny to play cat and mouse with her.. fact is: a lot of people, especially those from my youth, forget to remember that nowadays I'm a business man with almost 15 years of experience, they still think that I'm the quiet and somewhat shy lad of the past, and so they are completely caught off guard when I counter attack their arguments.. I have to admit I enjoyed very much the reactions I caused her, she was not really ready to fight that battle.. when she left she kissed me and she said me "you are a lovely son of a !"

There would be more examples to add, but I think that by now you have already got what was the general situation; actually the whole campaign was like that, I spent more time talking to "our foes" than to "our friends", but I thought and I still think that that was the right thing to do... for too long there were hate, discord and other bad things happening and this time we had the chance to try to unify as much people as possible under the common goal of "working for the whole community".. we have started already, but it's a very long process and it's strictly connected to what you want to do as a public admin and how you want to do that.. but I'll talk about my ideas and dreams in the next chapter, "The Dude's Plan!"

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  1. Quintus Hortensius Hortalus's Avatar
    That's politics at it's "best". We do only care about winning and our personal gains... And if we lost you shall not win too.
    Well another interesting well-written blog, thanks:)
  2. Flinn's Avatar
    We do only care about winning and our personal gains... And if we lost you shall not win too.
    Oh man, if that's true

    but you know, I'm coming from "business" which is not so different from "politics", so I'm not really surprised
  3. Gigantus's Avatar
    I have to go into politics, seriously. Can't remember when last I got kissed and then told 'you are a lovely son of a '
  4. Frunk's Avatar
    Fascinating stuff Flinn. Looking forward to reading more in the future. :cool:
  5. Flinn's Avatar
    I have to go into politics, seriously. Can't remember when last I got kissed and then told 'you are a lovely son of a '
    don't do that man, it's a TRAP!

    Fascinating stuff Flinn. Looking forward to reading more in the future.
    soon You can't imagine at what level of folly we are getting now, I don't think I'll ever be able to report here everything, simply too much happening every day
    Updated September 11, 2019 at 06:34 AM by Flinn
  6. Flinn's Avatar
    I've just posted part 3, The Dude's Plan! in a new blog post, I hope you'll enjoy reading it