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Last Week's Lensation - 10/04/19 - 17/04/19

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So, after a bit of site trouble the POTWs are back, and with them, the Lensation! We've had a lot of winners this past week, which is always good to see. Here's coverage for the GPOTW and the POTW.

GPOTW 117 Commentary

The thread where you can see the submissions and the results of the vote is here - Click Me!

Submission 1: A photo taken from a very good point of view, or POV as we like to say. Reminds me strongly of the legends I heard as a child, where expert archers could ride hands free on horseback and snipe their enemies with pinpoint accuracy. This shot is also taken at a really good moment, with the bow drawn fully and the arrow about to be let loose. The lighting is impressive as well, you can see the Sun’s rays filtering through the clouds and on the top of the hill. The adversary is charging straight at our protagonist as well, adding tension to this already great shot.

Submission 2: The Skyrim photos continue! This time we have someone in steel armour (and an iron helmet, shame on you for not completing the set ) staring into the vast mountains in the distance. An imposing structure stands in the way of the person and the mountain, giving me freedom of imagination, which is what I really like about photos.

Submission 3: A nice shot of nature, with cascading waters and slightly bent trees. Rocky, craggy outcroppings are visible in the distance, along with a clear blue sky. A lovely change from all the battle pictures.

Submission 4: Hey ma, I'm on TV!

Submission 5: Very intriguing! A fleet of battleships that I do not recognize are hovering over the atmosphere of a planet with tall, spiky structures protruding all the way into space. The engines of the ships are flared up, and one can imagine that they are moving at full speed.

POTW 558 Commentary

The thread where you can see the submissions and the results of the vote is here - Click Me!

Submission 1: A frontal POV shot with heavy editing. I will admit that I was not a fan of this edit, especially since the many dots on the screen put me off, but I will say that it was taken from a good angle and captures a very rhythmic feel of soldiers on the march.

Submission 2: A night time shot of archers letting fly. It seems to be captured at a very good moment, barely after an arrow leaves the bowstring. The darkness adds to the foreboding feel of the photo, and one can only imagine how close the enemy is to these brave archers.

Submission 3: A change from the doom and gloom, this is a rather bright and colourful picture of soldiers marching. It is so different from the rest, and I feel that the author was going for something of a ‘pastel painting’ style, where the contrast and saturation are enhanced and the various sections of the photo can be clearly differentiated.

Submission 4: A shot with a very distinct focus – the chariot and the soldier on it. The bright colors and relative lack of ‘in your face’ melee combat leads me to believe this chariot is charging enemy positions of screen. There is nice detail in the photo as well, for example the hail of javelins at the top left and the soldiers retreating at the right.

Submission 5: Hey, that's me!

That's all for this week, now I really must dash!