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Washing my car

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I am one of those people that at the first sight of nice weather, parks the car next to my house, get out my Karcher and hook up the water hose. Generally accompanied by some loud music I start the tedious task of cleaning my car of every spec of dirt it has accumulated in the roughly, 900-1200 kilometers I drive each week. Today was such a day, the first time since February that I washed my car. Before that it was about 8 months because unlike how this might look, I very much hate the task but I canít stand it to drive around with a dirty car. Anyway, I digress. Therefore, I hose it down with great attention. Sadly, I park near trees often so a thick layer of green "stuff" attaches to my car on a daily basis that requires some serious waterpower.

So about 10 minutes in, I figure yep, it is all pretty decent now. So I get the other lance and clear my rims of dirt. The black dirt coming of there never quite ceases to amaze me... frankly, if anything is an environmental violation, it is probably that. By that time, the car had dried up again because it really is sunny today. Therefore, I hose it down againÖ Switching the lance into my foam gun. Now the foam gun is something I always have this love hate relation with, I have never ever used the foam gun to truly get my car clean in the past three or so years Iíve had one. Not to mention the ridiculous costs that the foam brings with it. So I get the car coated, look at the foam tank and yep... The thing is empty. Beyond the fact that was another 15 bucks or thereabout I had at the very least put a coat on the car. I left it to soak a bit, decided it was good enough and started to rinse it all off. Car went back to it space greyish Audi self which was nice. Used one of those brushes with water coming through it. (Came new in the mail today.) So Iím looking and am overall happy with the result. Saw some spots remaining on my carís butt so I rinsed it a little more and figured it was good enough to boast to my woman that I did something productive today.

I get into the car, and drive through town a little. Itís a free day for many people here so not a lot of traffic and some opportunity to definitely not speed. About half way in, I approach a roundabout. A car moves in front of me, and itís towing a small trailer. I thought nothing about it, so about a kilometer, he is in front of me and it is all going A-Okay. UntilÖ we approach a speedbump. She he hits it relatively hard with the car, and I see the trailer bounce. Then it turned out the thing was full of tileís for in the garden or something... so a gigantic sand/dust cloud came off it and you guessed it... descended on my car like a million Persian arrows blooding out the sun.

Sad thing is, when I cleaned my car in February I did so for the burial of my womanís grandfather. So I drove over to her place and we went to pick up something. Turned out they were doing roadside tree maintenance. I presume you can guess what that meantÖ if not; it meant that I had to drive 5 kilometers past a tree line that just had been or was undergoing maintenance and that had resulted in me driving through a gigantic cloud of sawdust.

I donít think the universe thinks kindly of me washing my carÖ
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  1. GrnEyedDvl's Avatar
    The world definitely hates a clean car.
  2. Dismounted Feudal Knight's Avatar
    You do not know the power of the Dirty Side.

    Surrender your paint job. Give in the dark side.

    But seriously, I know this might be infuriating to read, but I live in a region that is known for mining dust and drive a not-too-dark car that it manages to stay relatively clean most of the time. I have people say 'ey, did you wash it?" and I have to break it to them nope, I haven't washed it in a long time. Figured that out after the local car wash did almost literally nothing and I stopped taking it there. Only cared about clean tire wells anyways, and once they're buried in ice, it doesn't do much anyways - and after the short melting season, getting salt off the wells is moot anyways.
  3. Swaeft's Avatar
    Never knew washing a car could be that much of a chore. But of course I myself don't have one yet. Damn the sawdust!