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Gaius Baltar

Terrae Expungnandae 5.0 rediscovered

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A few months ago, while browsing an old file archive, I came across a folder labeled, "TWC". Knowing that could only mean forum material I opened it up. I was mildly surprised to discover that it contained files from my beta-testing days back in 2006. The biggest prize, however, was a zip file with the Terrae Expungnandae 5.0 installer. Two versions in fact. I waxed nostalgic as I recalled a different time and place, spending many hours beta-testing the TE mod.

After some consideration I uploaded the file to Google Drive and posted the link.

I have TE 0.7 Gold installed, but suppose I may have to try v5 one more time. I actually I have old save games that I could pull up. Just amazing.


  1. Swaeft's Avatar
    Ahh that feeling when you discover a lost gem, man does that feel great.