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Tech News - Intel urges graphic driver update

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Intel is warning Windows 10 users that old graphics drivers are riddled with security flaws that need to be updated with new updates that the company has released over the past year.

The full article can be found here. It provides a link to Intel's driver page which in turn has a simple to use application to check the user's set up and provide the required downloads.
The application opens a browser page with the results and then allows a simple installation once the download is finished.


  1. ♔Greek Strategos♔'s Avatar
    If we're talking about graphics drivers in general, then it's a bit of double-edged choice, since both ATI's and NVIDIA's latest drivers are usually not the safest bet for system stability and FPS.
    Plus the small decrease in performance to justify the purchase of a new GPU if only Intel's dedicated cards are our subject then...who uses dedicated cards anyway?
    Updated March 17, 2019 at 01:50 PM by ♔Greek Strategos♔
  2. Swaeft's Avatar
    Aha, I'm still using Windows 7! Great tips, though, definitely people out there who will benefit from this (and your previous entries).
  3. Gigantus's Avatar
    Glad it was of some use.