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Part I: Lost and Found (THEN AND NOW)

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Part I: Lost and Found

It is ashamed I am only starting this now. I have over 15 years worth of travel and enumerable experiences to convey. I have been married, divorced, and soon to be remarried. More on that later. How did I get here?

In my darker days if you had told me that I would travel has much as I have, then I would had thought you were crazy. A funny story, I once paid a psychic in the French Quarter who said that I would travel extensively. I thought she was crazy. My dark days were actually pass me at the time, but I still thought it was impossible to think. I was also told I would not marry until my 30s and I thought that was crazy because I was in a serious relationship at the time. My 30s were 5 years away. Little did I know, the relationship would end within 5 months of that reading. Funny, she never bothered to mentioned that.

A key moment in life came much sooner than that. At the time, I was frequent drug user. I had a friend who was into doing crack cocaine. The moment of change came to me when he scrambled around the room picking up every conceivable 'thing' on the floor and preceded to try to smoke it. With each failed attempt, he became more agitated and aggressive. After that incident I went back to college. I went from average student to making the dean's list. My friend would fall deeper into drugs ruining his relationship with his girlfriend and with his family. The Plain simple fact, drugs are a dead end. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply fooling themselves. I would go on to earn a BA in History. However, my journey was far from assured success. The incident did proved to be a kick start for me. I wish it had come sooner. But is life, if not filled with regret and missed opportunity. But life isn't just that; I will come to meet all challenges and eventually go from being a disappointment to be admiration.

Please continue to join me on my reflections of my past!

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    Hmm that quite story,impressive :)
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