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General Brewster

The days after

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The morning after.

07:00, the night is over and she abruptly went home. He did not hear from her anymore and his texts went unanswered. He spoke to his sister in law about it and both reached the same conclusion, it was a great night and that’s something to cherish. He went downstairs to the lockers and got his coat, gazing through the hall hoping to see a glance of her pretty face just once more. He took out his phone and starred at the screen. No new messages. He opened What’s App and searched for “Anouk”, he texted her “Pretty sure you’re gone or not?” He heard a voice cry out; it was his sister in law asking what the holdup was. He gazed one more time but had no hope and replied, “Nothing. Let’s go.”

He neared the exit and felt the cold. It has been 30 degrees Celsius at least inside but it was minus seven outside. He grunted and complained about the cold as he looked at his sister in law who was shivering due to the cold. He asked her “Where’s he at?” Inquiring after their friend who would pick them up. She shrugged and took out her phone to call him. Standing there in the freezing cold he couldn’t resist but to look at all the other’s leaving the building. He overheard some people complaining that they needed to wait an hour before the first metro would come by the metro station that was adjacent to the building that hosted the party. He did not care for them; all he hoped was to see Anouk once more.

His sister in law poked him and indicated which way to go. They went underway and all they did was complain about the freaking cold. The 200-meter walk felt like a marathon after a night of heavy partying and the cold did not help. When they reached the car their friend was laughing, he could read the cold of their faces. Getting into the car felt great to them, the heat and the ability to sit for the first time in hours made it all the better. As they went underway, the friend said, “So I heard you finally kissed someone huh?” A sneaky laugh from the backseat erupted and all he could do was smirk. His sister in law and their friend could only laugh while he kept his smirk up. As he looked outside the window, he daydreamed a little. It had been ten months since he had even kissed someone he thought to himself. Even though he had engaged in plenty of flirting during the previous parties he went to he never took the initiative. To scared from what had happened between him and his ex-wife.

After they had arrived at his sister in law’s place, they all took a cup of coffee, sitting down on the couch and sighing. It was a great party nonetheless. A small discussion about the remix of one of their favorite tracks ensured but both were really too tired to have at it. She got up and said I don’t know about you two but I’m going to bed. The guys laughed and he asked his mate if he could drop him off at his place. “Yeah sure.” Promptly followed and they went on their way. It was only a short drive, not even 5 minutes worth. They lit a cigarette in the car and the friend said how he deserved some happiness after a year full of tragedies. He was happy that a close friend said such kind words and even though he was happy on how the evening went, he felt a little sad that he would probably never see her again.
An hour past as he sat on the couch, using his Nespresso machine to the fullest and he only got up to get another cup of coffee. He had some music playing in the background and kept on checking his phone obsessively. He had been texting with some friends but had the hope each time it buzzed it would be her… Sadly, that was not to be the case. Eventually he had mustered the courage to get up and go to bed. Sleeping through most of the day.

19:00, the sun had already set again as he woke up. He gazed at his phone, it must have been around 80 text messages but non-from her. He went downstairs and lit another cigarette, taking his time to reply to all other texts. He pulled up his pictures and looked at those he took with her… Gods, he thought to himself. Having finished texting everyone back, he looked at the clock, 20:00. He let out a deep sigh and decided to go back to bed. The following morning he got up and once more glanced at his phone with a sparkle of hope. Sadly, it still did not produce the wanted result.

The day went by with relative speed, the clock rapidly got to 14:00, which was the sign that he could go home. As he drove he listened to some music that had played on the party as well. The memories flooded him and he felt a little sad. He decided to make a stop at his sister in law. After evaluating how cool the party had been she asked him “What’s up? I feel something is off.” He shrugged, wanting to say nothing was up but he could not this time. “It’s her… She’s keeping my mind way to busy.” She asked, “Haven’t heard anything yet?” He remained silent, letting the silence give the answer. She got up and said let’s go for a smoke and he got up as well. Standing on the balcony, she pierced him with her eyes. “Just text her again. Don’t be such a wuss and just do it. You have absolutely nothing to lose.” He smirked a little; it was amusing to him that she always knew what to say to motive him into doing things like this. He nodded, finished his cigarette and went on his way. On the walk to his car, he opened up his What’s App again and started to type… “Hey, got some rest after Saturday? I just wanted to say I had a blast and I hope everything is all right between us. I had the idea something was up...” after reading it again five times, he had mustered the courage to send it.

Arriving home his phone buzzed, he hadn’t thought much off it and figured it was work with yet another workplace drama so he didn’t check it. After he took a shower, he checked his phone and he was baffled. She had replied.
“Hey! Yeah I just got home from work and I am exhausted. I had fun too! Sorry I made you feel that way, it wasn’t intended but a friend of mine had passed out and because we weren’t from around, I was stressing on how to get at the hospital because none of us were in any condition to drive... I’m really sorry I made you feel that way.”

He smiled at his phone... glad she had replied. They spend the rest of the evening texting each other, eventually at such a pace that he could not even lay down his phone because then she would already have replied. A few hours had passed doing just this and the night had already replaced the evening. He decided to risk it and texted; “I know we already told each other this won’t work because of the distance between us… If you’re up for it though I will visit you sometime in the foreseeable future.” He saw her typing a reply instantly but didn’t dear to watch his phone. He knew it was a long shot and was pessimistic from the start. He took a deep breath and read her reply. “I like you. It’s just the distance and the fact I’m just out of a long relationship. I want to keep talking to you and we will definitely meet on parties too but I just do not want to commit to anything just yet. I’m sorry.”

He sighed, he had seen it coming but it also came as a relief. He had done all he could and somewhere he did cherish the moments they had on the party.

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