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General Brewster

Standing there.

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Stood there.

There he stood, simply standing there enjoying the rhythm of the music and looking at the people dancing to it when she passed him while dancing. He stared at her frozen in the moment as her golden hairs captivated him. He wanted to approach her but stood frozen in his place. He stared at her wishing he could do more but there he stood. She looked at him and smiled at him, he was baffled but smiled back and so she came closer to him... Smiling wider with each step. He was shy but smiled back before averting his gaze. Looking for a familiar face but was drawn back to her. She smiled and blushed before looking away... She came closer ever still until she was next to him. He stood against the wall with his back and she stood next to him facing the wall with her face. He looked at her strait in the eye, he may have been significantly taller then here but it was as if he was on her level. She looked up and smiled before saying, “You’re cute”. All he did was smile stupidly. They both picked up the rhythm and enjoyed the music while gazing at each other’s eyes. After a few moments had passed she stood on her toes and places her hand on his face again saying “You’re cute!” he stood frozen again and did not respond as her tender hand left his cheeks as she turned away and walked off. He just stood there, happy to have had this moment after many personal setbacks but angry he did not do more.

Having lost her in the crowd he turned to his sister in law whom he went to the party with. She had been enjoying herself as she did always when the two of them went to the various parties they went too. He looked at her and gloated before saying, “Someone said I was cute” but due to the music being so loud he was unsure if she heard it. He looked around as he always did on parties and was astounded, there she was again dancing ever closer to him but now there was another man with her. His hopes had flown away and he stood there yet he could not help himself but stare at her as her hair went up and down and her fist roared through the sky as was so common with the audience of these parties. She captivated him deeply and it didn’t go unnoticed, as she would look at him to see if he was looking at her.

He took out his phone and pulled up the camera to take a selfie. While he pressed the button to take the picture, he felt something and the girl suddenly pressed against him. He was lost for words as she took his phone to look at the picture. It had failed. She said “dammit” and moved away again. He tapped her shoulder and asked, “Come?” while he indicated with his hand to take another picture with her. She smiled and pressed herself against him again. As she was much smaller than him her head was on his ribs and he embraced her easily with his left arm. This picture was a success; she smiled and looked at him with a particular face that made him feel desired. He then said, “Do you want it?” while he gestured with his phone where the picture was still opened on. Her smiled broadened and with excitement said yes. He opened his contacts and opened a new contact for her. She took the phone and he looked closely to see her name. Anouk it said and then she gave back the phone as well as giving hers to him so he could put his contact details in her phone. He sent the picture to her via WhatsApp and she gloated as she looked at the picture. She looked back at him and both of them exchanged a gaze full of desire. She then said, “I have to get back to my friends but I’ll be right back ok?” He nodded and said “Sure I’ll be here.”

He did as he said and remained on the same spot he had been standing at for the last hour or so. He looked over his shoulder to find his sister in law who was ever still dancing. She looked at him and politely smiled; they had known each other for over fifteen years and knew how to read one another. He said to her “She’s hot and I’ve got her number but I’m positive she has a boyfriend.” His sister in law replied, “Send her a text asking if she has one. You’ll never know if you do not ask.” He nodded, conflicted about what he should do. He had been ditched for other guys in his previous couple of relationships and was weary to do the same with someone else. After about ten minutes of thinking and only looking at his phone and the picture, he had taken with Anouk he decided to go for it. He sent her a text asking her; do you have a boyfriend? It was only that no more. He spend the next two to three minutes standing there feeling somewhat down before his sister in law asked if he would join her in going to the smokers lounge. He nodded and they went there which was several halls from the place they had been standing at.

They sat there and finished their smoke when he saw her again. Anouk entered the smoking lounge, looked at him with a broad smile and sat down several seats down the aisle. Making contact with her at this point was hard due to the crowd and his sister in law stood there, ready to go back to the area we were before. He got up, smiled at Anouk and walked passed her. He walked on when he heard something familiar but could not place it. He decided to move on and as he almost excited the smokers lounge he heard a loud yell with his name. He turned around and saw his sister in law standing next to Anouk. He decided to walk back as everyone in the smokers lounge looked at him. His sister in law would yell “Dude, she’s single!” making most in the lounge laugh and even look at him more. He himself laughed but was also very shy now. His sister in law repeated she was single as he joined the pair and he said “Well I’m going to sit next to you now” while looking at Anouk. She smiled but both remained silent as they were next to each other. It was a little awkward for the both of them. He was no real superstar in moments like this and asked “how come such a handsome woman is still single?” she smiled, raised her shoulders and said, “I don’t know? How about yourself? You should be able to get any of these girls.” He laughed because he knew better. Not all girls would take the first few steps to lure him out of his comfort zone. They kept silent now and looked at each other before he said, “I thought I saw you with a dude earlier so I thought you were taken.” She laughed aloud and replied “No! He’s my best friend.” He laughed and felt stupid to have made such an assumption. When they were finished laughed he caressed her right shoulder as he got up and said, “I’m going back to the third area.” While he looked at his sister in law who had taken her distance a little. Anouk looked at him and said, “I’ll be there soon too! Same spot as before?” He nodded “Yeah sure, I’ll see you in a bit” and he walked passed her again.

Waiting for her felt like hours to him. He couldn’t enjoy the music anymore he was obsessively looking out for her. Eventually he felt a hand pinching his side, he had not been wearing a T-shirt for quite some time now and he was startled. He looked to his side and there she was again. She smiled at him and cuddled him, which took him aback. He quickly moved his left arm around her and pulled her closer. She looked at him and he looked at her when she stood on her toes again and kissed him. He kissed her back and enjoyed the moment. A weird feeling overcame him and as their lips parted, they both smiled and looked at each other full of lust. Nothing else mattered in this moment as they kept their gazed closely on one another. They leaned in and kissed again because this was their moment and they would not miss it for the world.
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  1. Alwyn's Avatar
    This tale captures brilliantly the awkwardness and excitement of the start of a relationship. While there's nothing wrong with posting it here, creative writing is also welcome in the Writers' Study!
  2. Gigantus's Avatar
    I am a sucker for a compelling short story - well done.
  3. General Brewster's Avatar
    Thanks Gig, I appreciate the message.
  4. Aexodus's Avatar
    Wow I’m surprised to enjoy a romantic story