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Uploaded by bovi - February 09, 2021
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Discussion thread for the tool.

I forget when, but a couple years ago I created a tool for EB2 that would compress those TGA images that would get sufficiently reduced space by compressing, to reduce the size of the release. I dusted it off recently and thought I'd put it out there for anyone else to use for their mods.

You need to have Java installed, and you need to change runConversion.bat to point to your mod.

What it does is fairly straightforward:
1 Run through the full mod structure
2 Investigate files ending with .tga
2a Skip already compressed files
2b Write a compressed file to replace the fullsize one

NB! Your images will get overwritten as part of this process. If there is a bug in the tool (not found as part of EB2's use), they will be essentially destroyed. You should definitely have a backup handy (either as a full copy of your files or checked into some kind of version control) if it fails on your images.

Note that if you kill the process while it is currently compressing, that file will be corrupted! Killing the process while reading a file is okay.




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