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RMeditor 0.5.8a [NEW Version, BETA] Win8.1-Win10

Uploaded by phazer - December 17, 2019
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RMeditor 0.5.8a alpha, updated 19-12-2019, Window 10 Version
New version, early preview
For Window 8.1 to Windows 10 and DirectX 11
Win7 version:
(please give feedback, so I can fix bugs, change stuff, and add more features.)


Contact me on Discord,CnC, #phazer-tools:
If you have any questions, ideas for new features, problems, or bugs to report.

This is a very early preview version of RMEditor, it still has bugs that are not fixed, and the program itself it not done.
- Extract models + animations from all TW games after and including Rome 2
- Find and extract textures for loaded models from the game's data files
- Has an auto search system that searches the games' data files for skeletons, compatible animations, plus textures.
- Can edit the internal text strings in RMV2 models (texture paths) without risk of corrupting files (alpha/mask editing coming soon)
- Real time full Direct3d 11 rendering of models with original or chosen textures (will be updated to be more game-like very soon)
- Can export .txt files with bone names of skeletons (this might be useful, or maybe not).

- Does everything with a (hopefully) comprehensible graphical user interface.

Go to MENU->Tools->Setup Game Folders and select the DATA folders for the games you want to add
Then load a .rigid_model_v2 file from your disk, one that "fits" wfith one of the games you have added. The pick MENU->File->Export Dae With Skeleton and Animation to bring up the animation auto finder.
The auto finder will search through all game data files, so if you add 4 games, it will search through all of those, and that can take some time, the first time, 2nd time caching makes the search faster. Later I will add a function where you can quickly pick between games.
The animation auto finder will search for a bit, first the right progress bar will finish when the skeleton is found, then the left progress bar runs until all animations that fit the model are found (from all games). When this is done you pick the animations you want to export in the list, press "Change Folder" to pick destination folder or don't for default folder, and press "Export DAE".
The BOTTOM progress bar runs until all selected animations are extracted. Press "Open Folder" to view the
extracted and converted animation files

To get textures in the render view, you have to unpack textures into the same folder as the .rigid_model_v2 file. If you do not choose a folder then the textures will by default be put in the folder where the .rigid_model_v2 file is.

Just load a model (and have folders set up), press "Find+Unpack DDS" and wait for the search to finish, then click the rendering button.

Beta Issues:
- Might not be entirely stable yet
- Animations for 3K only partly supported
- Direct3d 11 Model rendering not up to date for all games.
- Windows 7 version might have further issues

Screenshot from program:

--- [Credits ] ---

Concept, Design, Coding

------Further Credits:--------

Original research into rigid_model_v2 + .anim file formats
Mr.Jox / Victimized, phazer#5430

Primary Technical Consultant( general 3d coding stuff)

Additional Technical Support ( rendering stuff)

Rendering Engine Research
Celticus, phazer#5430

Special thanks to
Mr.Jox / Victimized: for making his RMV2 Converter sources available
Causeless: for writing a method that stabilises animation as it is converted from quaternions to euler angles
Frodo: for assisting with info about the .pack file format.

ChaosRobie, Just a small cat, ​rpdmatt, Phanta, Celticus, Warman




December 18, 2019 at 04:58 AM
Amazing work, I'm gonna be using the heck out of this tool for my own modding purposes!
December 18, 2019 at 07:38 PM
January 04, 2020 at 12:23 PM
You're a saint. Now off to learn Blender because 3Ds Max is really expensive.
February 04, 2020 at 03:27 PM