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Garrison Hotfix for Patch 1.30 (Germanic Spearmen

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Uploaded by Rammstein - July 05, 2015
Author Author Rammstein
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I started this mod to fix the Germanic garrison problem of "Germanic Levy" units not converting in proper number to "Germanic Spearmen" and "Germanic Spear masters". Afterwards I added all inconsistencies and bugs I could find regarding garrisons. Three more changes:

The other changes are added "Exploratores" back like they were before the patch for ERE and WRE (1 in total for all city levels)

"Sagittarii" were missing in level 1 cities of ERE and are now back. They still have 1 less Sagittarii than WRE for the other city levels 2-5.

Added 1 Sagittarii unit for Military Recruitment Level 3 buildings“Skirmisher Barracks” and 1 "Limitanei" to “Infantry Barracks” (LvL 3). The reason is “Cavalry Stables” (LvL3) give 1 "Scout Equites" but the other two gave noting in return before. ERE and WRE.

This is NOT one of those "Double Garrison" mods which gives tons of units, it's just a try to fix what CA missed in my eyes. All changes I made are added to the description, no hidden surprises. Let me know if there is other stuff missing regarding garrisons I may add it to the list.




September 15, 2015 at 05:37 AM
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