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Roman Britain for Total War: Attila (beta release)

Uploaded by Stuie - June 03, 2015
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This mod provides the opportunity to play as Roman Britain. The Emperor has recalled the sixth legion and resigned to give up Britain to the barbarians. Rather than comply, the men of the sixth proclaim their general, Flavius Claudius Constantinus, Emperor and vow to fight on for Britain and eventually to march on Rome.

Thus begins your struggle as Roman Britain...

I took a slightly different approach for this mod; instead of creating a new faction, I have replaced the Western Roman Empire with Roman Britain, and given the rest of the WRE to the rename Western Roman Separatists. This provides a playable Roman Britain with all the functionality of the original WRE, including a working family tree.

Currently I consider this a "beta" version of the mod. Comments/feedback welcome.

This now includes a version with Celtic units for Roman Britain and a no-DLC version without Celtic units.

6/25/2015: Updated to be compatible with new patch.




September 26, 2015 at 01:03 PM
hey thank you for this mod.where to repack the file??? ty