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Uploaded by RedKnight - October 22, 2004
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Fay's (mainly economic) Info Pack for MTW. Much (but not all) if it is little Excel files. (The html README includes info on free Excel viewers.)

Included, find:

* a listing of the most profitable provinces INCLUDING SEA TRADE
* a spreadsheet to calculate your own province incomes
* a nifty "farm versus trade?" applet that tells you "should I go for short-term farm income or long-term trade income (including castle upgrade)?"
* a very handy two-sheet listing of all border-crossing terrains, including rivers AND terrains with sea landings (also a tiny sheet of just river crossings)
* a better Vice And Virtue listing than I've seen anywhere else
* a little listing of happiness buildings as well as little analyses of:
* easy mnemonic for how quickly farm or trade buildings will amortize
* easy mnemonic for how much more money these buildings will bring in
* a simple bottom line to when peasants are "worth" being tax collectors

Bon appetit!




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