Downloads: Demo Mod (longer battle, skip into)

Demo Mod (longer battle, skip into)

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Uploaded by Siblesz - August 23, 2004
Author Author Gaius Vorrenus
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In this demo you will be able to:

a.) skip intro scene from Battle of Trebia
b.) have the Roman army start BEFORE the the crossing of the river.
c.) instantly adds the Carthaginian sacred band to Carthage
d.) extend duration of battle for at least 20 more minutes.

To install this file follow these instructions: (you need <a href=\'\'>winzip</a>)

1.) Download this file.

2.) Open file.

3.) Go to "My Program Files".

4.) Click on the "Activision" Folder.

5.) Then click on the "Rome: Total War Demo" folder.

6.)Then when inside the Rome: Total War Demo" folder click into the "Data" folder.

7.) Then inside the "Data" folder click into the "packs" folder.

8.) Now drag the file from the download into this folder.

9.) Overwrite existing file.

10.) Re-start Rome: Total War.

11.) Admire the beauty.

<b>Made by Gaius Vorrenus</b>




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