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Limited Units Mod for DMS 1.95

Uploaded by Nuxes - April 14, 2011
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Limited Units Mod

For Darthmod Shogun 1.95

This mod limits the number of elite units, such as samurai and monks, available for training. Most units are limited to 5, except the faction specific units (ex. Chosokabe bow samurai) are limited to 7. The purpose of this mod is to make the game more realistic by making armies comprised mainly of ashigaru. Samurai and monks will now be true elites, so use them wisely.

Here are the units that have been limited:

Note: I kept the Hattori and Uesugi specific units at 5, since they have so many of them. I did not limit mounted bow samurai, seeing as how this was historically the most common way for samurai to fight. I also edited the MP versions of the units, but they are not shown above.


Place the pack file in your data folder.

Add "mod limited_units_mod.pack;" above the darthmod entry in your user.script.txt.



Mod Compatibility:

-Should work fine with any mod that doesn't change the units table. I am currently running several graphics and sound mods with no problems.
-AUM compatible.




April 14, 2011 at 12:59 PM
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