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FOE 1.3 Patch (rar version)

Uploaded by Tony83 - December 24, 2009
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Use this version of the patch if for some reason the installer version doesn't work!

The FOE 1.3 Patch replaces the FOE 1.2 Patch. It includes all that is in 1.2 so it can be used as well as, or instead of it. Basically, if you have a running install of FOE (1.0 + 1.2, or 1.1 + 1.2) then adding this new patch will bring your FOE game up to the latest specs.

Change Log

  • all of the FOE 1.2 patch (so is compatible with any playable combination of FOE 1 that is currently in use)
  • the clone CTD fix, pioneered by Roma Surrectum's DVK901
  • identifying voices for playable faction units (excluding Illyria and Macedon)
  • slingers should now sound like slingers
  • increased movement rates for fleets and land forces.

The patch is not fully savegame compatible. While most existing campaigns appear to work normally, the changes introduced to effect the Clone CTD fix do appear to cause problems for some. So, once you have installed the patch, you are advised to delete the map.rwm file (using the facility provided in the launcher) and start a new campaign.

Extract to the Rome - Total War directory, wherever you have FOE installed.

Merry Xmas all!




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