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Category Description Files
Patches Keep your game up to date with the latest patches! 0
Mods Modifications overhauling part of the game 78
Minor Mods and Tweaks Minor changes to the game 43
Tools Standalone utilities to facilitate modding or playing 11
Battles/Saved Games Saved battles and games for you to try out 3
Skins & Models Modified skins and models of units 11
Miscellaneous Anything not covered by the other categories 17

Files in category : Total War: Shogun 2
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Kings' Grand Campaign Overhaul Kings' Grand Campaign Overhaul : This may not be the biggest or most amazing overhaul, but it is my overhaul, one that I worked at fo ... [more] (27.81 MB) July 12, 2013 435 1
Rise of The Samurai Guide ver 1.1 Rise of The Samurai Guide ver 1.1 : This is a guide to RotS's land units. Heaps of info on how to use them and the best tactics for winn ... [more] (1.95 MB) January 04, 2014 1,749 1
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