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RigidModel Editor v0.2.1.BETA

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Uploaded by phazer - July 17, 2019
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RigidModel Editor v0.2.1.BETA

Newest version 0.5.8a here:
For Windows 10:

for Windows 7-8.1:

This a preview of my new tool RigidModel Editor, it can change textures in .rigid_model_v2 files, it can export them to Collada (.DAE format) for editing in 3d studio/maya/blender and so on. It can export Three Kingdoms .rigid_model_v2 also to .DAE (no other tools can do that as of yet). There is right now no support for bones and animations, but I am working hard to include that soon.

It can render the model you have loaded, either as phong shaded grayscale, or with full textures, lighting and normal mapping, if you place all the relevant textures in the same folder as the .rigid_model_v2 file you want to render.

Three Kingdoms model are for now shaded in gray-scale Phong, as Three Kingdoms uses a completely different shader compared to all other Total War games, but the finished version will have full rendering for Three Kingdoms models.

I know the program looks a bit rough right now, ignore that

I would like to hear feedback, if the program crashes, if you find error / bugs, if you like/don't like the program.
This is how it looks (with the rendering window open)


  • RigidModel Editor v0.2.1.BETA


July 18, 2019 at 02:39 AM
I just want to say, that to see the in-game like rendering, you have to take the diffuse, normal, specular and gloss .dds files you can see in the texture fields and place them in the same folder as the .rigid_mode_v2 file.

Then you can see rendering like one on the left in the screenshot. (but not yet for 3K, on phong shading without textures there)
August 15, 2019 at 10:12 AM
Hello, I am sorry that there is a bug (it IS a BETA afterall) where the UVs are flipped, it has been fixed, and if you really need it, I can send you a developer version where the UV problem is fixed, but all the other features in that version, such as skeletons, animations, auto extraction of needed files, and auto find of compatible animations, they will not work yet. The exporting of static models WILL though, with the correct UVs.
Sorry about this, The UVs were optimized for the LOCAL rendering in the program.
That is why there are BETAs, I guess

The actual release version with the new features will come soon, although the features will come in steps, first skeletons, and then animations (Maybe the two together), and later the other stuff.