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DariusEG's Battle Mechanics v0.8

Uploaded by DariusEG - December 16, 2006
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Must be played on VERY HARD Battle Difficulty. Best on 1.1 patch. Install it like any other mod, there is enough instructions out there. Should be compatible with any mod.

Note: To feel the best effects the siege AI is to have a considerable amount of AI units defending. My recommendation is too find a mod that gives you in campaign that considerable amount.

If you don't have a mod that does this, I've had success with the Ultimate AI mod by Muset aka GrandViz. It works for me.

0.8 New

-Siege Battle AI. The besieged AI should now be "smarter" and more responsive to the threats of the besieging human.

-Siege Engine Improvement Courtesy of DrJambo. Ladders now function different but more efficient. battle_config.xml

-Plaza control time limit reduced to two minutes.

-Overall slight tweaks from previous version.


-Better AI/Human starting formation. Spearmen will now be on front line while Heavy Infantry in the back. Cavalry placed in flanking positions instead of being behind infantry.

-Improved retreating. Enemy army may retreat but will return to the fight quickly. Expect back to back attacks. This also applies to human army.

-More archer/gunpowder skirmishing. If AI has archers or gunpowder units expect to be skirmished alot. Non-missle will stay out of range.

-Slight Siege Battle Tweaks. I don't think I made any considerable siege battle tweaks but I do plan to do alot for future versions. It's a WIP.




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