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Portugal Mod

Uploaded by DefenderOfTheCrown - December 14, 2006
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This mod is 100% compatible with the excellent Regnum Dei mod v1.8 Iron (thx for the great work guys!) . This means all changes made by that mod are there, plus my modifications concerning Portugal:

-Year count is like the Regnum Dei Mod, 1080-1630, one turn = 6 months.
-Navarra (Pampluna) doesn't belong to Portugal any longer.
-You start with only Lisboa.
-All generals and armies have been replaced and reorganized. Of course I left the important characters.
-Ships have been put near Lisboa... heh...
-You can't make new cavalry unless you conquer a castle, or make a castle from your capital, so watch out for the cavalry you have at the beginning.
-You start with 4500 gold.
-Since the Moors are acting a little weird in the beginning, I added two more archer units in their capital.
-Navarra now has a rebel army defending it (a little less good than in Valencia)
-I also remade all the maps for all factions like this one below, where Navarra (Pampluna) no longer has the Portuguese color.

With the Spanish and the Moors at your doors, quick and courageous choices will have to be made!




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