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TATW Ents, Wolves Spiders - Alternative Lod0_mesh

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Uploaded by Veteraan - April 16, 2020
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Original files made by the Third Age Total War team

Edit May-05-2020 : Although I did quite a lot of testing that showed a remarkable decrease in the number of crashes and the amount of creatures that could be involved in Custom battles, this elusive bug once again came back with a vengeance. It's certainly not uncommon to have relatively long spells or rarely having crashes, followed by periods of having very many of them. The latter has happened in my latest testing of these files, which I did to check if the initial good result, still remained. I will leave the links to the files nonetheless in case anybody still wants to download them to try for themselves if it makes a difference. However, chances are it will not, certainly not in the long term.

New files made by Jurcek1987 All credits belong to him and Zarathos for making the tool that was used to edit the files.

These are replacement lod0.mesh files for the Ent, Wolves and Spider units in Third Age Total War. They are meant to drastically decrease the number of crashes that those units often cause. The files may also be suitable to be used in TATW submods, especially if those submods use the original TATW Ents, Wolves and Spiders. However, at this point, they are only based on the files used in MOS 1.7. I can confirm from my own testing that these files can be used in all MOS versions, including 1.7.

To 'install' the files, you simply go to the below mentioned folders and there you replace the existing file(s) with the ones here:

The ents_lod0.mesh and ents_crew_lod0 go into data/unit_models/_units/en_lmail_hmail folder
the mount_wolf_lod0 goes to unit_models/mounts/wolf
and the black_spiderA_lod0 to unit_models/mounts/creature

There is also a Mega link from where you can download the files:

Original TATW dates and size of the files:

ents_crew_lod0 Date 24-07-2009 size 4kb
ents_lod0.mesh Date 31-07-2009 size 485 kb NB The file size differs one KB with the one in MOS 1.7 but the date is exactly the same, I suspect the files are too.
black_SpiderA_lod0 Date 06-06-2011 size 157 kb
grey_wolfc_lod0.mesh Date 27-10-2010 size 104 kb NB This is most likely not entirely the same wolf files as is being used in MOS




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