Downloads: TATW RR/RC Lore Edition July 5

TATW RR/RC Lore Edition July 5

Uploaded by Point Blank - July 05, 2009
Author Author Point Blank
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RC+RR Lore Edition for TATW 1.1 (July 5 Update)

***Not Save-game Compatible***

NOTE: If you get a CTD on turn 6-8, it looks like some campaign script code forcing OotMM to siege one target city is causing a crash.

Go to the first post in the TATW RR/RC thread and download the attached file to your Third_Age\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign folder and re-start campaign, it should fix the CTD until I can find a proper solution. This is a very minor issue and doesn't affect gameplay at all.


1) Ensure you have downloaded and installed TATW and TATW patch 1.1

2) Install the contents of the download into your TATW folder.




Includes the following submods by the kind permission of their authors, or hopefully they will say its OK, some haven't responded yet!
-TATW Additional Units mod by Agostinos
-Battle AI by Germanicu5
-New Corsairs by Bucefalo
-Generals Age Correctly by Sohn des Khaine
-Unique Buildings 2.0 by axnsan
-Immortal Nazgul by kai
-Middle Earth Lore mod by Aikanar'
-Some excellent animation tweaks by Banzai! (especially cohesion improvement) and Niko

Lore Edition also includes:
-Good Vs Evil Campaign AI by ZZZZ
-Be Evil faction standings by papio

Isengard can build ISENGARD FORGE at about turn 24-32, to upgrade heavy Uruk-hai armor.

Dwarves can build MITHRIL FORGE in Moria at about turn 48-56, but must have maximum-sized mines there first. Only Elite Dwarven warriors will have access to mithril armor.

Detailed notes on racial bonuses are at the top of the export_descr_unit.txt file.

Very huge thanks to KK and Mithrandir for invaluable and ongoing input, and everyone else who has provided comment along the way. Big thanks to KK also for so quickly updating all the recruitment data for RR

Please report any bugs, I am always paranoid when I release something that it will immediately CTD the user's system

Recommended submods:

-Very slightly reduced accuracy for all missile units, except Silvan Elves, who suffer a small melee penalty to compensate
-Slightly reduced mount masses
-Faster Wargs, with better morale
-Slightly reduced heat effects on those wearing armor
-Tweaked AI that reacts better to missile fire
-Fixed bug where AI army would deploy in a single long line at battle start
-Most crossbow units remain in close formation rather than deploying to open formation, which affects their shooting rate too much
-Same applies to Snaga skirmishers
-Some hero abilities added to a very small number of units: Power of the Eldar, Light of Elbereth, Courage of the Lion, Chief of the Dunedain, Terror of the Nazgul, Terror of the Witch King
-War dogs reduced mass
-Bug in missions file fixed
-Aikanar's Middle Earth Lore mod added
-Southron Pikemen added back in after accidental omission
-Chance of assassination success reduced
-Dwarves must now destroy Rhun as part of their victory conditions
-Better availability for Variags for Rhun
-Rhun King's Purse increased
-Updated recruit priority for all units for more faction-specific army composition
-Missile units more likely to drop bows and engage with swords when attacked in melee

-reduced mass for some mount types
-updated some building costs
-updated hasahrii stats
-cavalry attack bonus of +1 given to compensate for infantry agility defense bonus of 0, +1 or +2 removed
-Uruk Halberd and Uruk-hai Pikemen assigned 'aggressive' animation set
-OotMM starting forces slightly reduced
-Updated building costs
-Improved cohesion
-Revised victory conditions for all factions in Lore Edition
-Wargs more available, and also in OotMM roster
-Wargs have larger numbers per unit
-Wargs use 'horde' formation
-Spear units -2 defense and +15 attack delay
-Olog-hai more armor but slightly less defense
-Rhun has slightly more king's purse
-All archers have 5 less arrows, crossbows 4 less bolts
-Jul14n's updates to Immortal Nazgul script
-Ongoing tuning of costs
-Some unit sizes changed to reflect faction strengths and weaknesses
-Updated starting forces for OotMM and Isengard
-Moria Halberd now non-phalanx
-Troll catapult does more damage
-Snagas assigned different anims
-Some buildings give additional bonuses
-Lore Edition includes comprehensive dynamic AOR for every unit in the game, based upon faction, preferred land type, culture/religion level, unit type and tier. All factions recruit best in their initial areas, then in their preferred type of land (eg forests for Elves, Mountains for Dwarves), with further reductions for less suitable land types. Higher culture/religion levels can offset this somewhat
-Dynamic settlement growth rates based upon region population growth value, faction/race, preferred land type and quality of settlement site
-Updates to some settlement start levels, starting forces and types
-Changes to some unit sizes
-Increased AI morale bonus at Hard/Very Hard difficulty
-Small reduction to AI King's Purse
-High-quality spear unit attack value slightly reduced
-Elven arrow load reduced
-Note that a lot of the changes that were only going to be included in the Lore Edition were incorporated into the non-Lore Edition files-Dwarves more expensive to recruit but less to upkeep
-Rohan 'warrior'-type units less expensive to recruit but more to upkeep, also slower to recruit but larger pool size
-Other human 'warrior' (untrained) units less expensive to recruit but more to upkeep, these units are more like mercenaries and expect war booty etc
-Rohan King's purse lowered; Isengard's increased (new campaign start required to see this)
-Most 'evil' units cost less and have larger pool sizes
-Some larger 'evil' settlements have an extra recruitment slot
-all upkeep costs increased by 20%
-some unit costs adjusted
-AI gets slightly more cash bonus from each settlement
-updated Unique Buildings by axnsan to version 2.0-updated BAI by Germanicu5
-updates to siege and crusade setttings by xaldin
-smiths no longer required for higher-tier barracks
-small stats changes
-more units are AOR
-reduces some mission rewards
-Nazgul, Warriors of Mithlond and Grey Company given 'command' attribute
-smiths temporarily disabled, except for Isengard Forge and Mithril Forge
-geography file by Lusted that smooths mountain battlefields
-new AI cash script with variable bonus for settlements depending on settlement size and type
-reworked costs.





Point Blank
July 05, 2009 at 06:56 PM
July 29, 2009 at 03:05 PM
wtf... why must u guys always use rar... and i dont understand how i must install ... this really pisses me off...
August 03, 2009 at 06:57 AM
August 06, 2009 at 05:24 PM
download and install winrar
Nolder Warrior
December 14, 2009 at 10:00 PM
can someone send me the music of this game it would help me a lot!!!!!
November 25, 2013 at 03:18 PM
it wont let me play as soon as I installed is it because I didn't install the patch if so someone show me how and where to do it
December 04, 2017 at 04:37 AM
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