Downloads: nickman777's EPack for SS5.1 FINALv4-INTERMEDIATE

nickman777's EPack for SS5.1 FINALv4-INTERMEDIATE

Uploaded by nickman777 - December 14, 2007
Author Author nickman777
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enhancement pack for the STAINLESS STEEL 5.1 or 5.2. improves the experience of battle and campaign strategically.

ive come to realization, my previous pack, is practically impossible in keeping a steady ground against the AI, so this pack is dedicated to the novice players.

reduced difficulty by,
  • reducing war breakouts
  • longer peace, ceasefires
  • easier alliances to the human player
  • slight income raised for building farms, trading goods, and mining
  • cannot ally with faction you had just ceasefire agreement with
  • additional rule added to ceasefire. faction will not agree to ceasefire when frontline is largely overwhelming the opponent faction.
  • fixed a potential ceasefire bug not incurring its rightful purpose.
  • late era campaign needs editing to descr_strat. change ai_labels accordingly.
  • late era AI_LABELS: latedefault latecatholic lateislam

this should realistically portray a close fit of medieval warfare while maintaining difficulty for the pros. good luck

unzip to ..\mods\Stainless_Steel\data overwriting existing files.




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