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Unofficial Patch 1.8 BI - Soisson Cup

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Uploaded by BagaturSasha - June 25, 2020
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-- 4 new historical campaigns for Barbarian Invasion game.

I. Rise of Merowey.
This campaign is about the middle of V century. Frankish kingdom is only rising. Its have a lot of enemies around. Even powerful allies, who are saying about respectful relations to Franks, can simply tell lies, and can betray the king every moment. You must take control on the Franks young kingdom and try to say the name of your king in the whole world. For this campaign you will have a new more expanded map for BI. You will have more regions and more aggressive gameplay. Playable faction is only one - Franks Realm.

II. Rise of the Empire.
This campaign is about the end of IV century. Christianity is almost controlling the Western Roman Empire. But somewhere in the distance, signs of the imminent fall of Rome are already beginning to appear. Empire have thousand abilities and thousand problems. Only the decent leader can save this biggest state in the world from the fall to dark ages. For this campaign you will have more interesting and more aggressive gameplay. Playable faction is only one - Western Roman Empire.

III. Age of the V century.
This campaigns will throw to the beginning of V century. Playable faction is only one - German Kingdoms. You will take control on the young kings and queens, who are going to be civilized culture. They are not barbarians now, they are powerful and decent. Here you will follow the development of feudal relations, see the beginnings of chivalry and help the new kings achieve success. But be careful, there are many enemies around the Kingdoms. Many other rulers will try to crush your state by the iron fist.

IV. Soisson Cup Campaign.
Main campaign of this mod. There you are taking part in the Soisson Battle. You are starting from the 480 AD, when the Roman empire has fallen. You can play by factions - Franks Realm, German Kingdoms, Kingdom of Soisson, Romano-British Kingdoms and Tolosa Kingdom of Visigoths. There you can help Siagrius to reborn the Roman empire or crush all Former Gaul by the Frankish fist. You can expand your territories by the Visigoth Kingdom or German states. And if you`re fan of chivalry and legends, you can take control on new British realm and show your force to the all European lands.

-- Added 40+ new units for many playable factions.
-- New factions - Soisson Kingdom (Gallo-Roman states) and German Kingdoms.
-- A lot of new 3d-models and textures (from glorious modellers).
-- Absolutely new balance and gameplay.
-- Christianity religion now making more order in cities and castles.
-- Christianity religion is now available for almost all factions.
-- New strategic models of generals and captains.
-- New loading screens and menu elements.

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Mod team: BagaturKhan, Vladimer, Ariaces.

Installation is simple. Just delete old BI folder and put there BI folder from the mod archive. Mod is activating by Rometw-Bi.exe

Main moddb thread -

KLA content, PaxBarbarika, TWcenter free models pack.


  • Unofficial Patch 1.8 BI - Soisson Cup


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