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Blarge for BI(Extended map to India)

Uploaded by - January 09, 2006
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BLARGE A MAP EXTENSION BY THE CELT FOR ROME TOTAL WAR: BARBARION INVASION.<br><br>This is an adaptiation of Lionskins map that he made way back in 2004 that expands the RTW map to western India(modern Pakistan) <br>I was dissapionted no one wanted to make a simualar project for BI so I did it myself using some very helpfull guides at TWC and the .Org.<br><br>This map has the Sassanid empire reaching all the way to the Indus river at the border of the map(as they it was in history) and they now have a full empire to retreat into should the ERE proove too much of an enemy.<br><br>Installation: Extract all files but the Blarge_regions_and_settlement_names.txt into you RomeTW/Bi/data/world/campiagn directory <br>and put Blarge_regions_and_settlement_names.txt into you RomeTW/Bi/data/text directory.(Note:if you have to be sure to delete the map.RWM in the campiagn folder before playing)<br><br>NOTE: This map is far from finshed&#33; I&#39;d call this a beta ATM since the provinces still need to be garrisoned and balanced, plus they also need historical names and citys plus a load of other errors.(for details see known issues)<br>The goal of this map was to have a resorce for more talanted poeple like Seleukos to create a more interesting map using this as a base. <br>I may step back in to mod it further after ive fine tuned my skills alittle more(this is my FIRST mod afterall) but for now im gonna take a rest and just enjoy my game.<br><br>This map is free for anyone to use, so long as proper credits are given to me and Lionskin. <br><br>Credits: Lionskin for orginaly coming up with this map and finally prooving that a map extending to India isint a stupid idea.<br> the TWC comuinty for being so supportive of loser like me who cant find anything else to do but mess with a game.<br><br>Known Issues:<br>1.No garrisons in most of the new provinces(i put some Burans and Fariels around so that the Sassanids wont have to deal with there emprie falling apart)<br>2.Provinces are unbalanced and provide to much income(lots of gold&#33; lots and lots of gold&#33; )<br>3.Some provinces dont have ports(i tryed but the game gave me errors, maybe Seleukos or sombody can fix this)<br>4.Geographical bugs, glichs and inaccuraces.(sp?)




Spartan Guard Itachi
March 10, 2007 at 09:53 PM
can u plz mail me linskins link for the rtw map plz??, oh nice job to on this one, im no modder so i cant do it myself so if u could link me up thatd be great just mail me- cheers
August 01, 2009 at 03:05 AM
is there a forum on this? i been looking for a GOOD BI mod like this. more factions bigger map better AI ect..any links?