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Realistc Battles for Imperial Destroyer

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Uploaded by Axland - October 30, 2023
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Greetings to everyone.

I present my first version of the overhaul of battles for Imperial Destroyer. The aim is to give realistic feelings in battles by lowering the casualties overall and removing the heroic stands until last men for most units. Players must be more careful about mistakes because troops can break easily, specially new recruits.

I realized not having time nor desire to deep revision. But I opted to make the most important changes which the player will feel immediately.

-Armour: removed from all units except cuirassers and old fashioned units in plate or mail armor. As a passive substitute of melée defence is an unrealistic buff to elite units, if needed new stats of melée defense would be introduced.
-Ammo: 20 shots infantry and cavalry. 40 shots light and sharpshooter units. 50 shots artillery. Tested in long battles, units, can run out of ammunition.
-Unit Morale: Standard Russian, British and Prussian line infantry morale reduced from 8 to 7. Reduced price accordingly, except for the british. Their training is reflected in aim/reload stats.
-Morale: Changed modifiers for several factors, mainly because loses, but also fatigue. Green troops will break easily. Battle overall loses reduced considerably, the destruction of an army is much more difficult.
-Fatigue: More severe punishment for tired troops. Walking actually tire troops, but very mildly.
-Ships: Reduced acceleration and speed in some cases, specially in lighter ships.

The overall increase of moral penalties by loses try to reflect the reality of greener recruits, so until an unit gains some chevrons it is unwise to try frontal attacks or sustain fire without flank support. Normally, the unit breaking will be not recovered for the rest of the battle.
The morale and fatigue changes make harder to be in attack, in contested battles is advised to be in defensive unless you are a true genius.
The ammo can be spent in a battle, but normally are not that long as one side will break. Persecution is mandatory because with less casualties will be more difficult to wipe an enemy stack.
The mod was tested with the following options: Increased income (for larger battles), Less accurate shots (for less casualties), Square formation (cavalry is deadly in rear charges), Religion conversion (without churches or agents), All diplomatic options (exchange of regions was a feature of XVIIIth diplomacy)



Imperial Destroyer 6.3 is mandatory

Simply replace the files with the same name in the Empire > Data folder




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