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Uploaded by ilia_r_s - March 26, 2023
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This simple mod redesigns the role of Crimea, Georgia and Dagestan to resemble Morocco and Barbary states by introducing small eastern troop rosters for each.

The mod allows Crimea to (finally) recruit cavalry and makes Georgia and Dagestand weaker eastern factions without access to line infantry, roughly on par with Persia and the Ottomans.


  • All 3 factions now have no access to artillery
  • Crimea now has a small cavalry-oriented roster of:
    • Eastern armed peasantry (gunners and melee)
    • Tufekci ("gunners", tatar militia musketeers similar in stats to isarelys)
    • Crimean horse archers (in vanilla they were not recruitable in minor governor's barracks and encampment)
    • Armoured light cavalry (similar to poligar)
    • Steppe lancers (similar to bargir lancers)

  • Georgia and Dagestan now have the same roster as Crimea, but instead of tufekci and Tatar horse archers they get strong Caucasian swordsmen (similar to Mughal Islamic swordsmen) and Caucasian hillmen (similar to Kurdish hillmen), making their roster more oriented toward guerilla warfare

Installation: Simply put the .pack files into data folder.

  • Fixed crash occuring due to Armoured light cavalry using poligar textures




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