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Uploaded by ilia_r_s - September 19, 2022
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Tired of having to begin every campaign with conquering India to contain the Orange Plague, I analyzed the reasons behind Marathas consistent rise to uncontested power:
  1. Unfairly strong starting armies
  2. Very good generals, which only get better
  3. Very strong troop roster, with easilly accessable well above average linear infantry and mailed lancers
  4. Insanely rich starting provinces
  5. Very capable initial cabinet and ruler
  6. And last but not least, only one weak enemy in the whole India

The fact that India is divided between just 2 real powers [the passive Mysore and Netherlands don't count] allows Marathas to steamroll the Mughals, conquering all the rich territories and eventually become an economical [and thus military] superpower.

The most natural solution to this would be introducing more players into the subcontinent - that way we decrease the risk of emergence of one dominant local power conquering all the provinces. Taking all of the above into account I decided to simply give the whole eastern and southern shore to Britain and France which deter Marathas from annexing these territories and are able to compete with them. This is not historically correct, since Europeans only began conquering India on a grand scale later during the century, but this solution is much more robust than trying to make the AI do naval invasions, and should balance out the game gameplay-wise.

Attention: No hybrid startpos methods were involved! All changes are done by simply editing the existing startpos, replacing all the IDs, only touching enough of the BDI to make it work etc. I tried to ensure the mod is bug-free as much as possible, but if you notice any - please share!

  • Bengal and Orissa are now British
  • Carnatica and Hyderabad are now French
  • Marathas are now practically a one-region state, but it is still in a good enough position to expand
  • Two Mughal armies and one Mughal general are reassigned to Britain and the troop types replaced with British East India Company
  • Two Maratha armies and one Maratha general are reassigned to France and the troop types replaced with French East India Company
  • Bawdy houses in Bengal and Carnatica are replaced with church schools
  • Bengal, Orissa, Carnatica and Hyderabad now have a fraction of Christian population
  • Both Britain and France now have historical governors of India for that time - Josiah Child and François Martin. Some of their traits represent historical truth, but some are added only to make the provinces less rebellious

Simply replace startpos.esf in data\campaigns\main with the downloaded one. Don't forget to make a backup!

Note: this is the first version of the mod - it is rough around the edges, the portraits of the generals and the names of unit commanders are left unchanged and the starting East India Company army compositions should probably be modified a bit to feel a bit more vanilla (e.g. replacing some of the infantry and sepoys with pikemen and colonial militia, adding provincial cavalry). I didn't test it too extensively, so the balance might be a little bit off. To put it simply, I certainly know what I'm going to change next and there certainly will be a second more polished version. Still, I wish to share it with you! You decide whether you wish to wait for the polished version or try out the current.




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