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Uploaded by XXZit - May 05, 2022
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This program monitors a file and prints selected information to the screen, whenever the file changes. What data the program prints will depend on your specifications. It's possible to create filters to print entire sections, unmodified or process a section to pick certain lines, certain words, key-value pairs, etc. All can be easily configured by using the included configuration file.

By default, the program scans the monitored file every two seconds, if changes occurred, the new data is processed and printed. It is designed to work with files that are constantly being updated by other programs, like log files and the like. It's fast and lean and able to process files hundreds of MB long in miliseconds, files which often cause 'regular' editors to freeze or lag... Initially, I was using it to monitor certain variables in the LTGD log file, to help me debug the ME2 campaign AI, and it was great at that. Not only is the LTGD log convoluted with information, but it gets huge really fast, to the point Notepad++ has a hard time just scrolling through it. The program was of great help for this task; hopefully, it can be useful to some of you as well.


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