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Odoacres Campaign

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Uploaded by BagaturSasha - November 29, 2021
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Odoacres Campaign

for original BI game 1.6

Long wanted to lay out my Odoacer campaign on an Italian map from the original Rome. The situation has, of course, been changed. Now, instead of the Roman legions, future European kings are fighting here. Two versions of the map are presented at once, one of them with the largest number of different factions and a slightly larger number of regions. The main focus is on the Odoacer faction (here it is based on the Burgundians). The army of the German federates must approach Rome, but first it is necessary to deal with the troops of Orestes and his unlucky son Romulus Augustulus. If Rome is captured, other conquests can be thought of. However, you can just as well fight for the ZRI Shard and prevent the fall of Italy. Byzantium and various barbarian factions are also available. Let's say, suddenly someone wants to change history and establish the rule of the Constantinople monarchy over all of Italy.

While the gameplay seems simple, it is far from it. Everything is not so simple here, on the contrary.
The most acceptable level of difficulty is hard or even very hard. Economic problems are guaranteed here, given the small size of the map.
It is recommended to play first as Odoacer (Burgundians), because you will have to fight a lot for it. Almost from the beginning of the campaign, you will face a difficult battle with the defenders of Rome.

- Forum Imperial (Haktar) - support
- RTW game Sons of Mars map
- Daymon46 - ideas

This mod is provincial campaign, its will not make problems with original BI files.
Install it to your BI folder without any risk.


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