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Provincial Campaign Menu for Rome Remastered

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Uploaded by makanyane - May 09, 2021
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Menu addition to access Provincial Campaigns in Rome Remastered by Makanyane
Menu option is free to use for any mod - but a credit would be nice.

A button is added to the Main Campaign menu to Choose Custom Campaign instead - thereafter the menu options are similar to old RTW.

You obviously need to add a campaign to your mod as well, Provincial Campaigns work the same way as they did in RTW.
Place all the campaign and base files for it into a folder in campaign/custom and add descriptions.
Note that it's not practical to use different map geography as the provincial campaign will still use the main map mesh.
Regions, settlements and resource positions can be changed.

To get your campaign description to be visible in wide/large screen options you need to have a reasonable length of name, if the name is short add some .......
Otherwise the game calculates the length needed to fill the box on small screen sizes adds the ..... itself and expands things for large screens so all you get is the .....

Menu can CTD occasionally if you use Esc to go back, unless you want quick exit option, press another button in the side bar to get back instead!
Users should access the classic/remastered settings from the main menu screen.

The added strings for non en languages are just to stop the game crashing, they haven't been translated.


  • Provincial Campaign Menu for Rome Remastered


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