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Uploaded by Hexdragon - April 21, 2021
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** M2TW ONE-FILE PACKER ** (Prototype, version 0.175)

This tool reads a source file and writes a compressed one, as either M2TW's .PACK format or LZOP's .LZO format (*)
The purpose of the tool is to help testing of M2TW engine's and CA Unpacker's behavior regarding pack file contents.
The tool is also aimed to serve as a testbed and proof of concept for its own compressor module.
Not big deal for modding but good for test and research

(*) About LZO File format:
-LZO is the native format of LZOP (Lempel-Ziv-Oberhumer Packer), command-line compression program.
-LZOP uses the LZO data compression library for compression / decompression services (this is the compression library used in M2TW pack files).
-LZOP's binary executable (version 1.03) and source code (version 1.04) can be dowloaded from its homepage:

2.-Downloadable Zip Content:
- >>> This is the module you will execute. It opens and reads the source file, calls the compressor module and then writes the .pack (or .lzo) file.
- >>> This is the module that gets the compression work done, behind the scenes.
- m2tw_ofp_config.xml >>> This is your "user interface".
- Readme_01.txt >>> The thing you are reading.
- compression_test.png >>> A table with details about the test results that were carried out with the tool, before release.
- "Extra" folder >>> This folder includes an auxiliary decompressor tool for .LZO files (it has it's own reade file).

3.- Requirements:

-Python 2.7
This tool has been coded and tested with Python 2.7.18.
I believe it may work with ealier versions like python 2.6.8 but cannot confirm at the moment.

Or anything else that allows you to edit xml files.

4.- Basic Use:

4.1- Put the zip content and the source file you want to compress in the same folder.
4.2 - Open m2tw_ofp_config.xml and edit the parameters (see section 5 for details):

4.3 - Execute by either:
a) Double click, or
b) Right click + "Edit with IDLE" + "Run" (Idle's menu option) + "Run Module"

4.4 - Upon execution, the tool will display current values of parameters located in configuration file ( m2tw_ofp_config.xml )
Review those values and then press "Enter" key.
4.5 - Furthermore, the tool will confirm your source file was found and read. Press "Enter" key once more in order to start the compress job.
4.6 - Compressed file will be placed in folder named "compressed_0".


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