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Portraits submod for EBII - Part 2

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Uploaded by Lusitanio - April 12, 2021
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This changes the General portraits. Most of the portraits, around 80%, come from the When Worlds Collide submod by Leoni for Roma Surrectum III. I also did some portraits based on images found online from reenactments and historical drawings plus 3 images from antiochos_hierax. Thanks also to Gioal Canestrelli for letting me use the photos taken of him and his friends.

Of course, to assemble all this together, it required a huge amount of hours to check all the portraits, one by one, from Leoni (a lot of them didn't fit the period or the faction), then for Rome, for example, I checked the existing portraits and replaced the "uglier" ones until I run out of new Roman portraits. I also had to convert the images found online, rename them, etc. You get the picture. This means that you may find some errors or photos that are not suppose to be there, if you do, please tell me.

Thanks to all who contributed to this submod, especially JFOliveras, Mike Golf, Dresden who gave permission to use some of DEI images for portraits, Alejandro Magno, huge thanks to Thg170, Leoni and all the other artists.

Download the document and then export the content inside the portraits to EBII data/ui - replace all




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