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BI Full Power 1.0

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Uploaded by BagaturSasha - May 28, 2020
Author Author BagaturSasha
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Minimod for the Barbarian Invasion 1.6 version.
It adds new unbalanced things, which are crazy and cool. This mod is for fun lovers.

1. New reskines and models pack for many factions of BI.
2. New balance changes of almost all units.
3. Almost all 2-handed units are berserkers.
4. Fransisca heerban unit now the extremely powerful.
5. Romano_british script is improved. And Celts are more powerful then in original game
6. Elite units of many factions in the start of game.

Of course this mod is not historical and made just for fun and smiles.

Install it to your BI folder and overwrite all files.

Good gameplay, guys!


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