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Unofficial BI Patch 1.8 English Version

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Uploaded by BagaturSasha - May 23, 2020
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This patch unlocking the blocked game functions. For example, do you know about original Huns from CA? We saw them in BI and they were... terrible. This unofficial patch making Huns more historical and more beautiful. Huns now have many interesting new models and new units. Also there is a completely rebalanced factions: Romano-British, Franks, Saxons, Berbers, Sassanids, Celts and others. Celts and Sassanids have new unit lines. Also there are many other new changes, which can be interesting.

New campaigns:
- 400 campaign have plot line about the beginning of Imperial global Crisis. Many new playable factions. Romans are in terror and civil war. Many barbarians are already not wildlings, but new kings and queens with normal armies. Slavs are going to capture all provinces with their armies. Situation is really terrible.

- 420 campaign have plot line about Romano-British fight for their home. And Huns are more powerful and cruel now. Many improved cities in the campaign map. This campaign is more harder then 400, because of a lot of cruel situations for many factions. Its will be true disaster for neophites.

Recommend to play all campaigns in very hard\very hard game levels.

This is the full BI folder with patch 1.8 and all content. This pack includes all additions and even bonus files. ENGLISH VERSION.
This version is for only English Community. All text is in ENGLISH. No russian language anymore.

Install it as other versions. Old BI folder you need to delete. And then put the new BI folder from the mod archive. You need to have BI 1.6 to work with it.

English community version have full translation to ENG language, new texture sets almost for all factions and 3 new units (Ephtalite elephants, Legio Asia and Bagaudae Forces).


At first delete your main BI folder (save eng text files if it needs). Then put to the main directory BI folder from this archive. Now you can play!
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May 23, 2020 at 05:02 AM
Google.Drive link of 1.8 eng version