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Caesar In Gaul

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Uploaded by dre123 - March 23, 2020
Author Author Dre123 (Euro-Centric Military Historian)
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Hello everyone

This is a mod i've been working on the the past couple of days. Its a Caesar in Gaul mod that crops Rome's Grand Campaign map as far as the system would let me without CTD'ing (which is why part of North Africa's coast in the in the game).

Its designed with historical accuracy in mind so I hope you enjoy.

Mod instructions: Just put the modfolder to RTW folder and run provided bat file Start Caesar in Gaul.bat inside it to run the mod




September 16, 2020 at 01:18 PM
The intention is good, but the mod is a vanilla RTW set in 58 BC with historical personalities, such as Júlio César, Labieno, Antônio ...
An insurmountable mod, much better than the expansion of Roma 2, is the 58BC Caesar Imperator, made by the FRRE developers, they add unique legions, are numbered, scripts that leave you with historicity, turning into another game. It's just incredible (the part where I said it's immeasurably better than Caesar in Gual for Rome 2, IT'S TRUE) goes from the beginning of the Gaul Wars to the end of the Civil War.