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Dúnedain Ranger - LOTR

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Uploaded by Louis Lux - June 13, 2019
Author Author Louis Lux
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Dúnedain Ranger unit from Lord of the Rings.
Can be used as a ranger unit for Gondor, Eriador, Arnor or even Numenor.
The models and textures can be used as a resource to create new units or modify existing ones, the heads and weapons in particular could prove useful.
As for all of my textures I ask people to seek permission first before editing the texture for release.

*updated the files with small fixes and a chainmail upgrade texture. 15/06/2019
*updated with a fix to an arrow glitch. 16/06/2019


  • Dúnedain Ranger - LOTR
  • Dúnedain Ranger - LOTR


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