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Uploaded by Tehulotl - May 05, 2019
Author Author Tehulotl
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Hannibal at the Gates All Factions Mod

This is a "Moood", a Most Modular Mod, containing so-called "Mini Mods"
with necessary and optional 15 .packs, so that All Factions can be played
plus All Factions can be boosted and the gameplay can be tweaked easily.

You simply can choose how hard you want to play, which faction, which strength,
wealth, instructions see thread link below or short instructions below. This Mod
works for me newest version Rome 2, and it HAS TO include Desert Kingdoms Pack!

Introduction, Instructions, Thoughts, the Thread for this Mod:

This HATG MOD.rar contains the HATG MOD folder > Short Instructions:

> Download
> Unpack
> Put the whole HATG MOD folder into your Rome 2 Data folder
> Within the HATG MOD folder are 15 batch files which automatically load/delete
out of the Packs Sub folder into the Data folder the required .packs by double clic
> Choose ONE of the 4: 1 Neutral, 2 Scipio, 3 Hannibal, 4 Both by double clic the batch file
1 is neutral startpos armies
2 is Scipio huge startpos armies
3 is Hannibal huge startpos armies
4 is both, Scipio and Hannibal, huge startpos armies
> Choose either "The Celts" to play celtic factions ore "The Others" to play the other factions

> A King.pack changes the Imperial Level stuff and the stances stuff and is optional
> A Mighty Carthage and Rome boost the wealth by owning one of these towns, optional
> A Strong boost the strength of these factions, optional

> Are the chosen .packs automatically loaded by double clics batch file into the Data folder
> Mod Manager or Steam Launch check their boxes to play
> Play!

Spoiler for Quintus Fabius 30 Stack Army




May 06, 2019 at 04:53 AM
Where are the instructions for this mod?