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Extended Ninja Units for Hattori & Tokugawa - V110

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Uploaded by scope2007 - June 14, 2013
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Latest Version 1.1.0 - 13/06/2013 (Further Unit Leader visual changes see changelog or bottom of post for update info.

Note: This is a standalone mod, but is designed to work best when used with Scope's Ninja Hero mod
- which add's Hattori and Tokugawa Clan specific Ninja Heroes, with custom skins and abilities far beyond the "Hanzo's Shadows" DLC unit.

Please Click for Full Changelog explaining what this mod changes.


This mod is not a drastic overhaul, but a subtle enhancement designed to improve the experience of playing as one of the two Ninja orientated clans - The Hattori and Tokugawa, by adding a new ninja unit for these factions, making Ninja units available much earlier in the Campaign and tweaking existing Ninja units. These adjustments to the existing Hattori and Tokugawa flavours of Kisho Ninja, add everything from Campaign map stealth (no need to hide in forests to launch ambushes if you have a full group of ninja!), to wilderness survival (immunity to attrition), and the ability to hide easier during battles. I have also added custom skins, and upgraded the models (especially those of the unit leaders) - and not only to the Hattori and Tokugawa.

I have upgraded all Kisho Ninja and the standard Hanzo's Shadows units to use the Higher polycount FOTS models/skins.

Although The Tokugawa and Hattori boast specialising in the use of battlefield Ninja, they only actually had acess to one ninja unit unless you had the Ninja Hero mod, or after (mid-2012) bought the Saints and Heroes DLC (The Hanzo's Shadows unit really does not stand up to the hype though,it is too generic and looks terrible.)

The biggest change made by this mod is that it introduces a new Ninja Initiate unit - The Monomi Ninja

Making up the majority of ninja-recruits hailing from amongst the Iga-sokoku-ikki's rural villages are Monomi. These initiate Ninja are not necessarily professional soldiers at heart, and for the most part are farmers and peasants whose practice of Ninjutsu is fueled less by a desire for martial prowess, and more by a desire to defend their lands from invaders, and to rebel against the feudal overlords who would seek to enslave them.

Wearing light to no armour, they are often used for scouting and reconnaissance as they lack the equipment and training of the higher ranking Jonin (senior ranking ninja), who make a profession out of harvesting the heads of their enemies rather than crops.

They are not completely defenseless, or without heart however. What they lack in martial prowess, they make up for in stealth and cunning. Going toe-to-toe with Samurai is not a good idea, but Ninjutsu's teachings of guerilla warfare tactics allows them to fight back by launching ambushes from tree's and tall grass to lay-low a superior foe without the rituals of direct combat.

Their belief in the ideals of the Iga-republic and the acceptance shown by their ruling Hattori and Tokugawa clan's, imbues these iga-mono with a sense of fighting for their very freedom and often will continue to do so when most of the other conscripted ashigaru have fled in shame.

This unit is available from the start of the Hattori and Tokugawa Campaigns only, recruitable from the Level 1 Fort. Its stats are comparable to that of the Loan Sword Ashigaru, but with much stronger morale and the ability to use stealth and kisho deployment. They are not as strong as fully fledged Kisho Ninja, not only ability wise but they lack the more specialised equipment such as firebombs and flashbombs. However they are dirt cheap to produce (as cheap as ashigaru) and their upkeep is just as low. Every upgrade to your fort also allows you to recruit them with more experience levels - giving you access to an early stage ninja unit until you have teched your way up the Stealth Chain.

Hattori and Tokugawa Kisho Ninja Changes

The first Noticable change with the Hattori and Tokugawa faction Kisho ninja, is that they have undergone a visual overhaul. Gone are the Mogami-Do Curaisses and Shoulderguards. They have been replaced by campaign Ninja Models using three possible base skins of different shades, and various leather curaisses and shoulderguards.

Even more dramatic as in the picture above are the unit leaders, who now use the FOTS boshin ninja model, with a custom color for each faction

The change is more than just skin deep though...

Spoiler for new kisho ninja stats

**please note that Ammunition has been increased to 11 since this screenshot

The stat increase is subtle but more than enough to make these bad boys even meaner. They already outmatched Armoured Katana Samurai when toe-to-toe, so careful consideration were made when increasing stats.

Melee attack, Armour, Accuracy, Reload-Skill and Ammunition (increased to 11), have all had a slight boost.

The Stealth Chain of buildings now awards the Hattori and Tokugawa Kisho Ninja much more experience, being able to recruit level 2 Kisho Ninja from the moment you build a Criminal Syndicate, and level 3 once you build the Infamous Mizu Shobai District - This is before you take into consideration buffs from Regional buildings like then Mountain hideout!

Some of the more interesting Changes to the Hattori and Tokugawa Kisho Ninja are passive abilities

The goal was to make the Kisho units more unique without turning it into a hero unit, and I think I have accomplished just that.[*] Hattori and Tokugawa Specific Kisho Ninja now have the following passive abilities -

  • Better hiding ability - The unit can now hide in Scrub, Long Grass and Forestry more effectively than *ANY* other unit - this means that the enemy will have to get much closer before spotting the unit.

  • Campaign Map Stealth - Units with this ability can hide on the campaign map without the aid of forests! This will make for some interesting stratagems, as an army comprising only of Hatt/Toku Kisho Ninja, Monomi Ninja, and Hattori/Tokugawa Ninja Hero (from mod), and any other units with camp. map stealth will be able to easilly ambush enemy armies allowing for 360 degree deployment around a surprised enemy!

  • Wilderness Survival - it is widely known that Ninjutsu taught wilderness survival skills so that a ninja could avoid capture but to the elements of the wild for as long as needed. Hatt/Toku Kisho Ninja are immune to attrition when in Enemy Territory during winter months.

Other Visual Changes

As mentioned previously I have made some other subtle changes, but they are truely aesthetic and do not alter any stats.

I have upgraded the Unit leader model of the default Kisho Ninja, and of the Hanzo's Shadows to use the new FOTS Model/Skin.

It was lazy of Creative Assembly to release Hanzos Shadows with the old campaign map level 3 ninja, there is already a much better mesh in the game files. I have corrected it, you can really see the difference in quality between the two.

Spoiler for New addition V1.1.0 - Merging of Hattori Aesthetic Upgrade

Replaces Hattori Ashigaru/Hattori Samurai Unit leaders with varying Ninja Models to better represent Hattori's use of ninja scouts to allow stealth deployment of units. This was inspired by The Ikko-Ikki's use of Monk headwrap's randomly placed in their ashigaru units to further represent their religious nature.

This subtle change gives a hint of uniqueness to Hattori flavoured units, without going "over the top", with the use of overly ornate ninja models.




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