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Current version is IWTE_v21_05_B from May 18th 2021.

I suggest you always keep a copy of the prior version as backup .. in case of any bugs.

This is a release of the INTEGRATED WORLD TERRAIN EDITOR. This has expanded quite a lot since it started and should now handle items such as :
1. Texture conversions
2. M2TW world settlements and other miscellaneous terrain and battlemap features.
3. M2TW unit and strat models together with animations for editing via Blender (or aversion of 3dsmax with the appropriate collada interface).
4. RTW unit and strat models together with animations for editing via Blender (or aversion of 3dsmax with the appropriate collada interface).
5. Simplified Strat map editing functions
6. M2TW modeldb to CSV

Most newer functions are added as action items from the top line of menus rather than the button process which are mostly related to world/terrain type items.

When running IWTE it is advised to run it within a simple bat file containing :
IWTE_v21_05_B.exe (or the version of the exe you are running)
cmd /k
This will keep the console window open in the event of a crash and provide some messages on the cause.

I suggest you always keep a copy of the prior version as backup .. in case of any bugs.

Note - please remember to always keep one object marked as default.

Testing support
xHolyCrusader and Makanyane - many thanks with helping to test some of the new features and bug resolution.

with version 21_05_B
1) added create map mesh option to Rome remastered action top right. This asks for a directory containing the standard map files (ie world>map>base) to use to generate a mesh map.
This is a work in progress and does not handle rivers or the river surface, coastline surface yet.
2) Bug fix on terrain TGA's when nothing was selected.
3) Amended/corrected the dae to cas process to prevent a crash when loading a dae file with dual weights which did not fit the restrictions of rtw original.
It now defaults to supporting Rome Remastered as no known mods were using the original cas joint weighting.
(it currently requires a tag <cas_mesh_format> and value 'rtw' or 'm2' to switch to original rome and M2 handling)

with version 21_05_A
1) updated geograph.db functions to support RTW/RTW remastered. Its overlayed on the same template for M2TW (with certain data reduced or blocked as its not present).
2) Added ability to retain prior sequence of bones for M2TW mesh models (should resolve issue on special bow animation etc getting messed up as original sequence slightly different to returned dae sequence).
3) added Rome remastered action top right to uncompress a directory of dds files.

with version 21_04_A
1) Enhanced the model Files > Cas models options to export and import the Rome/BI/Alexander strat models and unit models. (There are still some earlier cas models not handled eg in the models file). With this option select the cas mesh file and then cancel from the animated cas file (as thee are no 'true' animated cas files similar to the caliban ones for MTW2).
The files should retain smooth shading where applied (like MTW2) and handles the parent/child bone weighting used by the cas only system. (ie also as used my MTW2 strat models).
2) Slight amendment to the .world editing which should reduce the total verts whilst avoiding the reflective issue. Its a bit of a compromise as I didn't want to increase vertex counts too much.
3) New action menu option Model Files > cas models > RTW casmesh/skel/casanim to dae will create a dae file from the 'casmesh.cas' file and the Rome unpacked skeleton and animated.cas files
4) New action menu option Model Files > cas models > M2TW casmesh/skel/casanim to dae will create a dae file from the 'casmesh.cas' file and the M2TW unpacked skeleton and animated.cas files
5) New action menu option Model Files > mesh models > uni tmesh/skel/casanim to dae will create a dae file from the *.mesh file and the M2TW unpacked skeleton and animated.cas files
6) Task files are created for the returned dae and they will generate the unpacked animation for rome or the full (ie calliban style) cas files for M2TW.
7) Bug fix to supply only ascii characters in the dae file (as they are used to set some key info and causing a crash).
8) switched the directory outs to default to to_dae and from_dae. Its simpler, but be careful not to overwrite files.

with version 21_03_A
1) Various bug fixes.
2) Amended 3d viewer to show effects or shading.
3) Added shading/effects as a task with parameters (still trying to figure out best combination).

with version 21_02_A
1) Bug fix for modeldb. If the modeldb has the dummy record "5 blank 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0" as its first unit this was causing a crash after the file had been read due to the mount type having no mount type name. The file will now be read and then the dummy record will be removed (or any other unit called 'blank'). Please look at the error file and the write outtxt files which are generated to find exact positions of any errors.
2) Bug fix for milkshape weights used in .world model shading. milkshape uses both an index and weight 100 or all 3 other indexes set to not used but a weight of 0 to mean the same thing (ie 100% weighting to first index).
3) Bug fix Amended the unique vertex data routines as found a mirroring effect when applied to a vertex mirrored over a single point (issue in tangent routine).
4) Added simple task routines for dds_to_texture_directory and texture_to_dds_directory. Unlike the dropdown selection this enables you to use <directory_in> and <directory_out> to set the name of the directory to read from and where to write to.
5) Amendment to task file process as use of double quotes (for names with spaces) was causing an issue if no comment followed.

with version 21_01_B
1) Bug fixes on merging multiple mount unit combinations (wrong offset if merge included a full set of bones).
2) Bug fix for cas models due to introduction of extra parameters.
3) Change in Siege engine process so that amended animations create the same (i.e. the default) pose values. CA's siege models have different ones which is a pain. eg Catapult and Trebuchet.

with version 21_01_A
1) Now added ability to combine mount (horse) with rider and 2 weapons (weapon and shield normally) with multi animations into the collada interface so they can be edited in Blender (and likely 3dsmax).
2) Added ability to apply the scale factor to the cas skeletons when generating dae and reading back.
3) Added ability to read modeldb file and do some edit checking, reformatting of linebreaks (to show the structure a bit more clearly) and creation of 3 CSV files which can be seperately edited and reloaded to reform a modeldb file.
4) bug fixes to help support 3dsmax handling of collada data (world anim effects, fade and skeletons with no mesh assigned).

with version 20_12_D
1) Bug fix as siege meshes defaulting to compressed but not set up to handle (they should be non compressed).
2) Bug fix lodname in 3dsmax returned material names was being extracted incorrectly (included the material prefix).
3) Creates bonemap xml for siege engines
4) Bug fix previously dropped position animation if maximum animation position change was zero.

with version 20_12_B
1) Bug fix to worldpkgdesc selection and mesh processes as they were crashing due to incorrect naming when selecting.
2) Added csv options of worldpkgdesc. This extracts files within a directory and all its subdirectories.
Please be careful the default readback is NOT to update (to prevent any accidental overwrite of vanilla files). It has basic validation only.

with version 20_12_A (Further enhancements to the collada interface supporting Blender/max)
1) New control file process has been relaunched as IWTE Task which can be triggered from the top bar of the main IWTE menu.
Files must end with _task.txt and sytax changed in terms of data-ids used. Often file full path names are requested rather than just the file name as this better supports some of the processes.
2) The export animated directory function has been removed as we couldn't see any real need for it now.
3) All mesh formats are now supported (AFAIK) ie skydome, banners, siege, units
4) As introduced for cas units in the previous version the mesh units (ie battle map models) are now supported with a process to combine multi animations together (provided they have the right skeleton and setup).
5) A first frame pose position has been introduced to better support editing of the mesh.
6) An unassigned skeleton process is supported to allow the mesh to be edited without a correct skeleton (ie all skeleton bones default to a simple chain).
7) Weapon and shield separation is supported for unit meshes with a standard vanilla skeleton. This process uses up to 4 weapon/shield bones but still must be within the 24 bone limit.
Some models may not be supported through this process due to their setup. The basic assumption in IWTE on bones is the sequence is the standard bones 0 to 19, then upto 4 bones. The last 4 are in sequence : extra bones, then weapon/shield bones.
Our recommendation is to use weapon bones rather than any extra bones in order to avoid the death animation bug (ie the one that occurs because the skeleton has a different number of non weapon/shield bones to the unit its fighting).

with version 20_09_A
1) If a world animinstance compressed file is created that is too large for MTW2 to handle a messgae should pop up to warn it will not work correctly.
2) Minor shading change setting default animation light for new world anims.
3) New collada processes to support Cas export/import for strat models/*dae files (single file input for editing mesh and/skeleton).
4) New collada processes to support Cas export/import for combined strat models and animations (dual input of cas mesh and animation).
5) Skeleton replacement uses selected cas file to replace skeleton of all cas files within the directory. If a bone is removed it will assign any child bones to next parent up the heirarchy. Vertexes which lose a parent should be reassigned the same way.
6) New collada process export animated directory. This basically takes a cas mesh and generates a dae file for all the animations in a directory
7) Text file output and input is generated for the siege export traversable network files.
8) New collada processes to support siege engine changes. (Requires .mesh file, animation cas and default cas). On import a control file is required which may be changed to be more like the IWTE control process (mentioned below) in later releases.
9) New IWTE control file process. This is only in its early stages a couple of general processes have been added.
a) cas_bone_name_change - to rename bones in skeletons
b) cas_multi_animation - to allow linking and editing of cas mesh and cas animations (not *.mesh files)
c) dae_cas_multi_animation - to re-input the edited dae file and create amended cas mesh and cas animations.

with version 20_07_B
1) Change to Collada animation process. Texture name info embedded in material id. This should hopefully help max users receive and return the texture name info correctly to identify 'water' and 'alpha' textures.
2) Change to Collada animation frame rate. This has been reduced to 20fps (NOT 30). Changing Blender to this custom rate and loading files created at this rate appear to load OK and I believe more closely mirror MTQ frame rates. It also creates .anim files which are smaller. If issues are encountered I'll look to make this variable otherwise its just creating larger files.
3) Enforced the same name on the texture and normal files. NE Large castle had a texture which for some reason was using a different normal. I haven't really checked why but doesn't make sense.
4) Bug to do with reflective plane handling should now be resolved. They must be correctly identified via their texture type ending in '_water' (in the collada interface).
5) Added Collada option for exporting and importing the banner meshes. There is a color element in the mesh which should show as Red and Green. The red affects the wave amplification applied to the flags. The Green value appears to have no effect (at least that we have noticed in testing).

with version 20_07_A
1) New interface in Collada format to support links to Blender and 3dsmax. This has mostly been designed and tested with Blender 2.82. The format is partially supported by Max but not all functions are handled correctly.
2) Introduction of more top line menu options to support the new interfaces.
3) Export via Collada of World, Complex or Object options. These also include the parent complex box.
4) Import via Collada of World option. This reloads/replaces/deletes multiple loaded complexes in one pass. Deleting of a complete complex is still via the delete complex button. Please note that due to naming issues in data loaded to Max models involving alpha textures and relective planes (water!) are not supported currently.
5) Export via Collada of World terrain data.
6) Import via Collada of World terrain data. This replaces the current terrain height data for the nodes loaded ie it also handles partial reloads of worldterrain data.
7) Export via Collada of World animations (.anim files). This is currently only handled at 30 fps and matrix format (Blender) or baked matrices(max).
8) Import via Collada of World animation data.
9) new option Reset Complex Blocks to allocate objects into complexes and structures.
10) Major speed up in calculating bounding boxes.
11) Further corrections to the Effects and shading processes. This will likely be expanded further
12) Introduction of new thread process and Error message system to handle slow running operations. This is a work in progress. The new Collada processes have been moved to this.
13) Texture naming now uses only single references to a texture rather than the multiple references that Vanilla models use which should ease changing Textures across complexes.
14) Various bugs and corrections.

with version 20_04_A
1) Bug Fix - Animated milkshape should now correctly rotate the animation and its joints when requested. Previously the animation joints were not being set correctly and so the animation went out of line.
2) The Reset complex effects button on the collisions tab has been removed as has the Reset world shading on the specials tab. (functionality enhanced and replaced below).
3) On the Animation tab, new button 'Full world shading effects inc. anims' has been added. This asks for a vanilla blockset folder and optionally a mod blockset folder. It will then reset all world lighting in the world files including the animinstance data. ie the effect lighting will be reset and new shading values will be set. This replaces and enhances the functionality covered by the above two deleted functions but does take around 20 minutes for a huge city!
4) On the Animation tab, new button 'Obj world shading/effects inc anims' has been added. This will use the effects currently assigned to a complex and reset the effect lighting and shading for a specific object only.
5) When loading a milkshape animation the animation will be created with basic shading but you will need to reset it to pick up any effect or shading from adjacent objects.
6) Amended the mouse wheel function back to do up down scrolling by default. Clicking the wheel button will centre the window on the clicked position and pressing the wheel whilst rotating it will switch to zoom in/out until released.

with version 20_01_B
1) Animated milkshape now allows X,Y,Z and Angle (in degrees) amendments to correctly center the animation (the angle part is new). It also advises of the values needed to centre the animation. This is a guide only as some vailla models aren't fully centred due to differences between the animation and the .world objects.
2) Plaza placement and resizing now allows a much larger maximum size and seperate X and Y dimensions. It also shows the approx position of the outer flag boundary as this is larger than the dimensions of the plaza.
3) The 3D viewer has been amended and should now handle the newer releases of OpenGL that previously caused it to crash. If there is a problem more meaningful data should now be displayed to help in understanding the issue.

with version 20_01_A
1) Conversion of most of the code to newer levels of software. Still need to resolve 3d viewing as that hasn't been upgraded.
2) Major new content is you can now fully create/amend world animations. Please refer to the TWCwiki at for details on how to do this. It is complex and the processes have been linked as much as possible. The processes gives a default setting for effect lighting and shading. I may look to automate this to generate the correct values later.
3) The release includes the standard Nvidia programs to convert DDS to TGA and vice versa.
4) The release includes a program wdanimpack_amd64.exe which is essentially a minor tweaked and compiled version of one of the pack versions (v0.53?) that was released by Tellos Athenaios and the The Europa Barbarorum Team see The process uses compiled LZO compression code (as described in their downloads).

Please ensure you back up any files first!

King Kong has released a tutorial to help guide people. refer to URL

The tool originated based on information and research from Argantonio and then later by Makanyane and myself as we delved deeper into meanings of each field.

Also thanks to KnightErrant who's initial code was used as the basis for this tool particularly to understand the initial file layouts.

A special thanks also for King Kong for his endless testing support and bug finding and of course for the tutorial.




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